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The Process of Awakening in 5D


It is not everyday that you go through this amazing process of becoming highest outcome every moment in love everywhere present.. That is a lot of words for the most spectacular event that is unfolding as these words are hitting the page.

 We are in an area of unknown so new, so fantastical, so breathtaking. It is a wonder, why we feel so strange and wonderful in the same moment…

We are blessed to be part of Gaia’s and humanities ascension. We are feeling something even if we are not aware of what it is.  It doesn’t matter in the moment yet it matters that the feeling is acknowledged.

 What is the meaning of all that is felt?

 What is the best way to move through?

 Easy concepts always yet the process is different for every soul remembering who they really are. You have read so many different interpretations for what is happening. The most important thing is not so much what it is but how it feels!

Remember that first.

 Then allow the rest to show up for you how ever it will do so. Being awake every moment is not something that has been done for a very, very long time, so those feelings will be different to each one. It comes down to responding to these amazing energies or reacting. The choice is yours.

Responding is the love in action showing up with kindness, gentleness and LOVE in every moment which brings Joy and Peace to every crevice of your being.

Reacting will bring discourse, disconnection, and everything but the truth. This is the choice each of us have in every moment as of this moment of NOW.

 It does not matter if these words are not resonating. What matters is how it feels to you…

Courage to go the distance and befriend the unknown even if it is different and unfamiliar is worthy.

 The other choice is stay exactly where you are and feel null & void. Your heart is numbed and joy will not exist.

Time is NOW and You are at the fork of the road.

Your choice full consciousness & Love or the same thing all over again and not getting any different outcome…

Remember, Love everywhere present and highest outcome every moment is our blessed gift that has been sitting unwrapped deep in our hearts waiting to be opened!!

Are you ready & willing to go deep enough to unwrap and celebrate your most precious self and own who you are?

This is the moment!

See what the truth really is!

dolphins & moon

Love, Light & Laughter,


On Light and Darkness…

Light and darkness, bliss and sorrow, joy and pain — the very concepts of duality which have been ingrained in us since early childhood, and reinforced through years of domestication.

We are taught that one is favorable, while the other is portrayed negatively and therefore seen as inferior.  As humans, we desire to be in line with the favorable —  we attempt to only associate ourselves only with those essences painted with a brighter hue, and mask the facets of ourselves which are not viewed favorably by society. In doing so, we create duality not only in society, but also within ourselves.  Instead of embracing ourselves as a whole beings encompassing the entirety of creation, we project an image of what we think will make us feel secure and acceptedImage.

Let us consider this darkness (or whatever you choose to term it) — and embrace it as an intrinsic part of creation.  What if our pain was meant merely to polish us?  The darkness within ourselves may very well be what makes our light shine with a brighter gleam — like stars scattered across the vast dark sky.

The star does not fear the void,  or question it’s necessity.  It accepts it as a back-drop for it’s luminance.

I am not suggesting that we focus on the darker facets of our lives, or give them power. Rather, I am expressing that a certain reverence should be given to the dark bits of our existence which have propelled us to the state of our current awareness.  To love ourselves fully, we must embrace our whole selves… even the bad days.

Transcending beyond this duality by loving our light and our darkness… until all becomes love.  We begin to see a bit of ourselves in everything and everyone we encounter.  We celebrate the bliss and beauty, or empathize with the pain.  We begin to love others… then come to the realization that there are no others… there is no longer a concept of US and THEM…  no room for judgment.  We are a cohesive existence.  And every hue on the spectrum is of equal majesty.

Finding Unity Amid Life’s Chaos


“Don’t let the behavior of others steal your inner peace”

The Dalai Lama

The concept of love and unity is so simple — it’s essence is purely divine.  However, as we move forward in Love and Unity it is important not to be shaken by the turmoil in other’s lives.  We are not here to fix anyone, but simply love them through it — regardless of circumstance — casting no judgement.

As an acutely empathetic person it becomes difficult not to carry everyone’s baggage for them.  I have learned, however, this just hinders the person you wish to help, and jars your sense of inner peace.

We know we must love ourselves first, and beyond this — as we move forward in our lives we must stay deeply rooted in our inner peace. while still empathizing with others.  This may seem like a difficult balancing act amid the chaos that surrounds many of us at times.

Personally, I have found it best for me as I try to see another’s perspective/ feel their emotions to do the following:  Approach with an open and loving heart. Help if possible, even a smile helps.  Send love to the person/ people.  Then let it pass through me.

Do not carry their emotional baggage around.  As you stay grounded in your peace and self love — you begin to radiate love to all those you come in contact with.  In doing this you are planting seeds of love and unity in the minds and hearts of others.

Jesus said:  ”Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself”… Mark 12:30

This means beyond all differences, or judgement.  We are not here to judge who is worthy of our love — we are here to LOVE — for ALL are worthy.

When we put these differences aside, and begin to love others not IN SPITE of their differences,  but because their differences make them BEAUTIFUL and RARE like a jewel– we shall find our bliss.