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Update and Ascended Master Message for October 24, 2015 ~ Djwhal Kuhl


Happy Saturday, Brothers and Sisters!

I hope you are all enjoying The Now and The New! If you’ve been feeling like you are flying through a portal, it’s because you are!
Sandra Walter describes it here – Unifying the Divine Continuum of Self
and L’Aura Pleiadian here – Intensifying Gamma Rays~Spotlighting your Awareness.

Heart expansion and increased awareness are yours if you simply accept, allow, and go with the flow.
Remember ~ no fear ~ for All is Well.

This is something I posted on Facebook the other day:

Sun moves into Scorpio tomorrow! You know what this means? Well, it’s good for Rain and good for Humanity too! I excite! YAY!
Truths will be revealed, Power will be available, and fantasies and delusions will crumble. Are you ready to step into the integrity of your power and the power of your integrity? Are you ready to walk your talk? If you have the courage, Sun in Scorpio will be the wind beneath your wings.
Welcome Scorpio ~ Welcome Eagle ~ Welcome Phoenix ~ Welcome Rebirth!

Sun did indeed move into Scorpio on October 23rd and I’ve already seen some effects ~ some Truths coming out and some fantasies brought to Light to be dissolved/transmuted with Love. This is a good thing and this will be an interesting and illuminating month, thanks to the power of Scorpio. As I said recently, “Even Lightworkers with the best of intentions have created and promoted distorted beliefs and belief systems.” Those must be transmuted just like everything else that is not Real. If we are open to letting go of anything that is not True, we are truly opening ourselves up to receive so much more because Reality is grander and brings us the kind of existence we all say that we want ~ one of Love, Joy, Peace, and Unity.

(Image Source)

You are Pillars of Light and Light is information. Light is Truth. As you reach higher levels of consciousness, you will receive higher frequencies of Light to be grounded and anchored through your vessel. This Light will also be transmitted to Humanity. Any distortions will act as blocks until they are dissolved. Embrace this dissolution of untruths and distortions for it will truly set you and your brothers and sisters free.

All we have to do is let go of the old as we focus on co-creating The New. The message below, which I just received, discusses this. Thank you, Djwhal Kuhl! What shall we co-create today? Think Bigger! Think Grander! Think 5D! Think outside of the box ~ no more boxes, remember? No rules! Use your imagination and filter your ideas through the Love in your Heart and you will see that there are no limits to what we can make together. 

Time to Fly, My Family of One!
This is a time of magic and miracles.
Let’s make magic and miracles together, today!
My Heart is filled with Love for you and I embrace this time joyfully and fearlessly.
I will see you on The Bridge!
~ Love, Rain

♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥

Life is Good

DJWHAL KUHL ~ the Tibetan Master, Teacher and Guide and worker on the 2nd Ray of Love and Wisdom brings you this message ~

Card Theme: Co-Create Your Own Reality

The lessons you meet and the blockages in your way are all devised and put there by you in order to learn that which you have decided you need to learn or experience in this lifetime. So see those lessons clearly: learn them, know them and dismiss them, for you need do no more than this.

Your life is your destiny to determine in whatever way you choose ~ and exactly how you live and manage it is in your hands and no others. You can choose positivity, health, success and happiness and all these things will be yours. Become aware of your own power and Divinity, for you are truly a part of the Cosmic Hierarchy yourself, and as much a Co-Creator with God as any other Being in existence.

I would place an emerald in your heart. See its brilliance shine out to the world and fill your very soul, your Inner Being with light, love and harmony. I am here to guide your learning and direct you towards self-realisation, and to help you see what needs to be done when the way forward is unclear.

Call on me or visit me in my Ashram, whichever you prefer. I am always here for you.

Text Source: Inner Light-Workers

Letting Go of The Illusion ~ Part Two

maitraya 2b

Happy Tuesday, Love Beans! It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Before I get started, I’d like to encourage you to read these two excellent posts that talk about our NOW. They are very informative and helpful. Please enjoy them!

Eclipse Energy 30-Sep-2015, by Kara Schallock

Newest Message – October 4, 2015, by Marilyn Raffaele

♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥

Life is Good

This message is for those of you who are struggling to let go of the old. If you are feeling the bliss of your new 5D consciousness, congratulations and keep doing what you are doing! If you are not feeling the bliss, or not as often or as prolonged as you would like, then it’s time to make a few adjustments.

Before I say anything else, I would like to remind you that there is nothing wrong with you! Nothing. You are a Love Being. In fact, you are now a Powerful Universal Love Being. You are loved, celebrated, and admired. No experience that you have can sully or tarnish your essence; your True Self.

I would also like to remind you that there is nothing to be afraid of, ever. No death, no evil, no bad guys. The Divine Plan ensures the highest and best outcome for All and that includes You. We make our own choices and that knowledge is meant to be empowering, not to place blame. When you are asked to take responsibility for your choices, it’s meant to help liberate you because that request recognizes you for the powerful co-creator and student of life and Love that you are.

Finally, there is no judgment and no punishment. There are no mistakes and no good or bad. You cannot fail in this life or on this mission. Love won and all is well ~ those are the facts and nothing can change them.


So, simply as an observation ~ we can see that some people are hanging on to some old 3D stuff and this is interfering with their ability to experience and enjoy 5D consciousness and their ability to co-create the kind of life they say they want.

In my last post, Letting Go of The Illusion ~ Part One, I talked a bit about Lucifer, the Archangel also known as The Light Bringer. He, along with many others, has played a key role in creating and maintaining our 3D Matrix (the illusion Humanity has been living in for such a long time.)

In that post, I said:

Anyway, a couple of days ago, I had been trying to think of what I really wanted to say about the illusion, so I asked, “Luci, I feel you know more about the illusion than just about anybody. If you could say something about it to Humanity, what would you say?”

And here is his reply, “It’s a game. If you want to play, play. If you don’t, don’t.”

I was looking at some notes after I wrote that and noticed that this is what he really said that day:

“It’s a game. If you like it, play. If you don’t, don’t.”

Of course this is very similar to what I typed but the correction is important because it highlights the key to our successful continued participation in the old matrix, as long as it lasts. “If you LIKE it, play.”
In other words, do whatever brings you joy.

It’s okay to participate in the old matrix and in fact it’s necessary at the moment. We all need to manage a life here while we simultaneously co-create in the new. That’s part of being a multi-dimensional being. The key to successful participation is to focus on what brings you joy and to let go, as much as possible, of the things that you do not enjoy.

Remember that, as a Pillar of Light, you are still “here” because it is part of your role to show others how to liberate themselves. You are not still “here” to give your energy to the old paradigm and make it last longer. Energy flows where attention goes. What are you focusing on?

Are you, for example, still attached to old political systems?

There is that word again ~ attached. Attachments. What does that really mean? Well, there is a difference between doing something and even participating in something and being attached to that something. In this post, Are You Playing The Game Or Is The Game Playing You?, I said,

We can be attached to many things in our Reality Matrix (The Illusion) ~ people, ideas, belief systems, objects, outcomes, etc. Attachments are problematic primarily because they are emotional and most emotions are of a low vibration compared to the high vibrational state of unconditional Love. When you are attached to things, it keeps you in a lower vibrational state. It keeps you focused on the outer. It keeps you focused on things that are not even Real and that only exist in The Illusion.

I understand that the concept of attachments can be confusing. Letting go of attachments does not necessarily mean letting go of a thing or person, etc., completely. It doesn’t mean that you have to walk away from your job or your family, for example. It simply means that we let go of the lower vibrational emotions that may be our attachment to those things or people. If you don’t like your 3D job, you may not be able to quit or you may not be able to quit right now, but even if you decide to keep that job, you can change how you feel about it. You can detach from fear, worry, anger, and anxiety about it. You can choose how you feel about things and with practice, you will find that surrender and acceptance of your current situation is the first step to letting go.

Why surrender and accept? Because we all need to let go of all that is not Love in order to reach higher levels of consciousness and allow Love in to help us co-create what we really want. If we are filled with lower vibrational emotions and attachments, we are making things much harder on ourselves. This is part of going with the flow. Think of the following as a Flow Chart:

Necklace 1b

We observe our situation.
We accept our situation and surrender to what is; after all, we created this for some reason.
We may not understand the reason or reasons right now but that is okay.
We know that at some point, we will understand and that’s fine.
We feel, work through, and then let go of any lower vibrational emotions.
Let go, let go, let go.
We ask for assistance from our Team of Angels and Guides.
They help us transmute the lower into Love. This is our alchemy and we can all work this magic.
We see our issues and past experiences for what they really are ~ challenges that we created in order to better understand what Love is.
We take responsibility and we watch as our issues are transmuted and drift away into the newness of Love.
Let go, let go, let go.
We choose Love over fear and watch as fear shrinks before our eyes and then disappears.
We start to enjoy the bliss of higher and higher levels of consciousness as Love fills our Being, turning every atom into the golden energy that represents our true State of Being.
As we change, our situation changes. As within, so without.


We all have to do things that aren’t necessarily fun, but after some time, you will notice that even those things can become effortless. I have found, for example, that I do not dread my daily chores any more. I just move through chores like cleaning and washing dishes and cooking with ease. I used to feel like those things would never really become “effortless” as I had been told but for the most part, they are.

Don’t get me wrong, we are all still subject to Rainbow Moments of anger and irritation but you will find that they become increasingly rare with time. And you will find that you can manage them quite easily, moving back into a state of joy and Love quickly. Remember that Gratitude is a great way to quickly raise your vibration. If you focus on staying grounded, centered, and balanced, your Rainbow Moments will not overwhelm you.

If you feel you are still releasing, go with it. You may be looking at another huge, final breakthrough. Might as well get it over with and move on to your Bliss. I had my last big freak-out about a year ago this month. It caught me by surprise and it was a big one but since then things have been going great. In retrospect, it was totally worth it, just like everything else that I have experienced.

In conclusion, I would say that if you are struggling, stop and take a look at what you are hanging on to.


Above, I asked this question: “Are you, for example, still attached to old political systems?” This is a good example of something that many people are hanging on to. If being involved in politics is something that brings you joy, then that’s fine. If on the other hand, it pisses you off or you are attached to your identity as a “Liberal” or “Conservative,” or you are constantly arguing and trying to prove that you are right about something, then you should probably take a step back and reassess your involvement.

Remember, our political systems are not about Unity. They are dualistic and create separation and divisiveness. Ask yourself this question: do I feel that our “governments” are systems that are likely to continue on in 5D Life? Do I want all the things that these systems represent to be a part of my new life? Or do I choose to let them go in order to embrace a new 5D society that will serve all of us as well as Love?

Attachments and hanging on to things that no longer serve us cause struggle and suffering. You must let go of the old if you want to embrace The New with both arms.

♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥

This post has gotten long (shocking) so I will wrap things up next time. I would like to talk a little more about the differences between life in the old illusion compared to our new Reality in order to provide more examples of how letting go of the old will help to co-create The New.

I Love You and I will meet you on The Bridge.
Join us there in Joy and Celebration!
~ Rain

Where Are All Those Miracles I Was Expecting ?!


The latest light waves have left many in either a blissful state of being or a miserable state of mind. There have been many talks about September 28th, from conspiracy theories to other sensational stories. The miserable state of mind comes from fear or expectations that lead to disappointment, it’s pretty much the same. Also, from placing our focus outside of ourselves.

Many talk about not seeing things happening, or not happening as fast as they want to, or exactly how they planned it in their minds and then get frustrated with themselves or start blaming the government or God or whoever, but forgot that they, themselves, are creators of that which they experience. And we are also responsible for the way we respond or react to everything.

But, you see, all these important powerful events, all this light coming in is destined to bring great change and it is so, however they will not bring change FOR you, but THROUGH you. The dissappointment comes from expecting miracles outside of yourself, or passivity. That is a choice. There is also the choice of not only participating in the change, but proactively create it. The highest most profound way of participation is through your BEINGness, with your aware divine human state of being, your authentic Soul essence self – simply being yourself. The proactive creation is when you let that Soul essence emerge to the surface and completely unify with your human self, with each and every atom of who you are now – letting your essence reflect in all your actions. The harmonious balance of that is called being an ascended master. Only an overall blissful state of being can come as an outcome of that balance.

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What Is A Medicine Wheel And How Can You Create Your Own ?


Medicine wheels were constructed by laying stones in a particular pattern on the ground. Most medicine wheels follow the basic pattern of having a center cairn of stones, and surrounding that would be an outer ring of stones, then there would be “spokes”, or lines of rocks, coming out the cairn.

Almost all medicine wheels would have at least two of the three elements mentioned above (the center cairn, the outer ring, and the spokes), but beyond that there were many variations on this basic design, and every wheel found has been unique and has had its own style and eccentricities.

The most common deviation between different wheels are the spokes. There is no set number of spokes for a medicine wheel to have. The spokes within each wheel are rarely evenly spaced out, or even all the same length. Some medicine wheels will have one particular spoke that’s significantly longer than the rest, suggesting something important about the direction it points.

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X-wave energy flooding into earth – Quan Yin – 9-25-2015


We come to you in celebration as the X-wave energies are flooding into your earth plane changing all around you. How this waves affects you is completely different for each person and we understand that this may create uncertainty and doubt into your field. Some of you are making profound leaps in your thinking and achieving astonishing clarity. Others are feeling more of the energies and the joy that this brings as you move and connect with the unified field. Others are feeling physical symptoms that overshadow much in their intensity. Some are not feeling much with this wave and this has created fear. Understand that all are being affected by this wave in varying degrees and none are being “left behind”. This belief is only an illusion that creates fear and limits your ability to take in the energies that are surrounding you in these moments.

Think on a…

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Archangel Message for September 5, 2015 ~ Uriel

Hello, Brothers and Sisters!

I shared this message in January.
I received it again the other day AND this morning ~ a good sign that it’s relevant in The Now.

I hope you find it empowering and inspiring.

~ Rain

P.S. I love you and I will meet you on the Bridge. Always.

♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥


Card Theme: CREATE what you DESIRE


I am keeper of the Flame of Peace, Guardian and Archaeon of the Divine Light.

Dear one, move forwards with confidence and joy and with focus. It is time for you to draw yourself up and assume your rightful place in the world as co-creator with God and with all the other evolved Beings of Light that work with the creative process. It is time to take responsibility for your Self and your own actions and to know that what you create is your responsibility and yours alone. It is no longer the obligation or duty of any one other than your Self. In truth it never has been, and so now too it is time for you to see and understand that, and to realize that all has come as a result of what you have wished for and that what you have in your life was and is very much up to you.

Now you know that you may manifest that which you desire so long as you have a clear understanding of where you want to go, have a focus on what you need to do, and plan step by step how what you wish for may come about. And so it is time to stand up and take charge of your life. You need to look within (again!) to find what it is in life that resonates with you and how you see your purpose. For whatever you plan needs to be thought about deeply and carefully and worked on with positive intent and planning so that you may proceed along the path you wish to take with deliberate steps.

So now, let your heart be strong and your mind be steady. I would like you to use the tools you have been given and to think carefully how you may achieve that which you truly wish for, given the circumstances of your life. It may be that you can plan for tomorrow. It may be that you can plan for next year. It may be that you can only plan for ten or twenty years in your future. But it is never too early to be at the planning stage and, once the plan is set out as you wish it, automatically you will start to shape your own destiny and manifest on Earth that which you truly desire.

You are the architect of your own destiny, so use the tools you have been given wisely with Divine Light and inspiration and step out and take your place in the world with my blessing and my love. You may call on me for help in overcoming obstacles or things that you see as being in your way and I will help you gently work to find your way through them and reach a resolution. I am your guiding Light and am with you at your side to support, encourage and counsel you always. I AM URIEL.

Text Source: Inner Light-Workers