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Let Yourself Be Inspired


Life becomes vibrant when we feel inspired.  Each day is a canvas for living;  every moment a brushstroke.  Even for those who do not feel creative in an artistic manner, simply being is an expression.  Who we are, at our core is a creative force.  We may channel this force in multifaceted ways throughout our life.  No matter how each of us chooses to spend the day, we are spending it expressing who we are on some level.

I have learned throughout my life, to find inspiration everywhere.  One way I do this it to approach things with curiosity instead of presumption.  Even the times in my life which have been most tumultuous and difficult are a catalyst for change.  Therefore, they have inspired me to seek a level of life that is beyond that particular circumstance.

When we open our hearts and minds to inspiration, we will find muses all around us.


Looking upon simplicity with a sense of curiosity, and exploring the depth and complexity of things that are often overlooked gives us a renewed sense of wonder and gratitude.   One does not have to seek a foreign destination to find beauty, for there is beauty all around us.  You can find it in the rain streaming down the windshield in fragmented patterns on a stormy afternoon, or the colors of the sky as the storm subsides.  It’s in the rhythm of your favorite song.  It is the light in the eyes of all those around you.

Appreciate all that you perceive as beautiful.  This will may vary for each individual. When you find this beauty pause for a moment and marvel in it.  Notice how it makes you feel.  What is it that stirs in you?   You do not have to know why you think something is beautiful, no need to over- analyze. Find beauty in as many things as possible, whenever possible, where ever possible.

Allow this beauty to inspire how you live.  You may harness this inspiration to create your own art form.  Or you may use the beauty you find in all of these facets of existence as a mirror to find beauty in yourself and others.  Allow it to be the spark that ignites self love, and love for all around you.

Artistic expression allows you to experience a sense of catharsis,  but even more so, it allows you to share a piece of your soul with the world.  You do not have to be specially trained or have prior experience.  Create something simply for the sake of expressing yourself, because it feels good.   Open expression, communication and love form a bridge that connects us soul to soul.

I wish you all inspiration in the coming days.  I hope you see beauty all around you.  Most of all, however,  I hope you see the beauty within yourself.