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Portal and Ides and Full Moon and Equinox ~ Oh My!

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“As the Equinox energy bursts on to the scene of consciousness, remember that the only place where you can find Balance is in the present moment.”  ~ Archangel Gabriel (see link below)

We have three big events coming up: The Ides of March, the full moon, and the Equinox. The Ides of March is a day on the Roman calendar that corresponds to March 15. It was marked by several religious observances. It also became notorious as the date of the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44 BC. Nowadays, it is mostly well known because of a line from the play Julius Caesar, written by Shakespeare (or Francis Bacon, also known as St. Germain).

  • Soothsayer. Beware the Ides of March.
  • Caesar. He is a dreamer; let us leave him: pass.

This year, the Ides of March is a portent, signifying great change for the better. Just as Caesar’s death was a closing event in the crisis of the Roman Republic, so too will this be a time of closing events of the old paradigm/illusion. (See Wikipedia for more information on the Ides of March.)

There will be a full Moon in Virgo on March 16 (1:10 pm eastern time). The full Moon energies will start arriving on March 13 and will be strong until March 19. This full Moon will bring you many opportunities to balance your physical and emotional bodies.

An equinox occurs on March 20, at 12:57 pm eastern time. At this time the tilt of the Earth’s axis is inclined neither away from nor towards the Sun. The name “equinox” is derived from the Latin aequus (equal) and nox (night), because around the equinox, night and day are about equal length. The Equinox energies have already started to arrive and will be strong for a while after the event. This means that the equinox and full Moon energies will overlap for several days. (See Wikipedia for more information on the equinox.)

These equinox energies are unlike any seen on Earth before because Earth is in a place she has never been before. Gaia is living in 5D frequencies. Gaia is in Heaven, free from the old paradigm and any illusion. Yes, many humans are clinging to the past and their illusions but this is just a minor inconvenience to Gaia and those who have embraced Reality. There is no stopping or even slowing the Love Train anymore. These equinox energies will blow you right across The Bridge to Freedom if you let them.

Finally, we are still in the 21-day Triumph portal, discussed here: The Triumph Portal ~ Manifesting Soul Family Connections.

So, what does all this mean? Well, it means we are in for a hell of a ride and it’s already started! And don’t bother trying to buckle your seatbelt because there is no such thing. Wheee! If you want to enjoy this ride and make the most of the experience you volunteered to have here, then put on your big girl/big boy galactic panties, look up into the sky, raise your arms, smile, and shout, “Bring it on! This is what I was re~born for!”

If you’re having difficulties during this ride, go back to basics. Always go back to basics when you are struggling. Stay grounded and centered. Communicate. Ask for help. Be gentle with yourself and others. Rest. Retreat. Get out into nature. Take responsibility. Be grateful. Choose Love. Choose to serve Love in every moment. Let go. Release attachments. Surrender to Love. Surrender to Love. Surrender to Love. Have no expectations except that we will receive the highest and best outcome for all. Simply be the vessel for Divine Will and Divine Love that you are. Remember who you are and why you are here.

Another thing that will help is to remember that what appear to be challenging and intense experiences and feelings are really opportunities to develop spiritually. There is never anything to fear, so these trying times should always be welcomed as bridges to balance on as you make your way through gates to higher levels of awareness.

The Bridge to Freedom Crew feels that we will see some interesting events during this time. For example, we expect to see more ships becoming visible to more people. We expect to see a lot of people waking up. More wayshowers and others will start to recognize their abilities/gifts and these will become stronger for those who are already using them. More people will become aware of what their Soul Mission/Divine Role is. More Soul Family members will reunite. We will experience enhanced connections with Celestial Beings. More of us will achieve balance in our male and female energies.

Finally, a lot of people will experience big events that will ultimately bring them into balance at much higher levels of awareness ~ some will experience intense breakdown/breakthroughs while others will simply take what might best be described as an elevator ride to new heights, prompted by new spiritual connections or epiphanies.

 Enjoy your ride!
~ Love, Rain

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Co-Creating ~ A Message From The Elementals

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This morning I did a reading with some new cards I just got ~ Elemental Forces of Creation. I am very excited about these cards ~ I love working with the elements and The Elementals!

As I said in my last oracle post ~

As you know by now, we are all about Balance. And the Ascended Master most closely associated with Balance is Lady Portia.

According to Inner Light-Workers (http://www.innerlightworkers.co.uk/ascendedmasters/mastersmep.htm), Portia “embodies Divine Justice through Divine Opportunity and so is also known as the Goddess of Justice and the Goddess of Opportunity. It is she that is characterised holding the scales of justice above buildings such as London’s Old Bailey. “Justice” is to be found at the balance point of thought and feeling, and so together with the hierarchs of Libra (whose sign of the zodiac is of course the set of scales) her role is to teach humanity to attain balance of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies through the attributes of the 4 elements of earth, water, air and fire.”

We’ve been talking a lot about the four elements and balancing our four lower bodies and  so I began doing card readings using the four directions as they correspond to the elements, starting with West* and moving clockwise (these correspondences apply in the northern hemisphere).

♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥

In this reading, West represents the emotional body (Water), North is the physical body (Earth), East is the mental body (Air), and South represents the spiritual body (Fire). In the center is a card for Spirit, and this represents a summary and information about the spiritual journey ~ it ties the other cards together.

I asked the Elementals what message they have for Humanity in this moment.

elemental card reading 3b

As you can see, “Relationship to Others” appears in the emotional body. I feel this is related to the Soul Family/Soul Group connections we have been talking about this week. More Soul Family connections are manifesting and being recognized now than ever before and this is important because such connections lift us up and also transmute energy for Humanity and strengthen The Grid.

Because relationships tend to reflect our emotional patterns, in this case, Water is saying that it’s time to look at our relationships and see how they are working for us. Do they reflect the Love we have for ourselves? Do they lift us up like gentle waves? This is an excellent time to ask yourself if you are in Unity ~ The River of Oneness. When in Unity, you can feel other Beings all around you. They bouy you ~ keep you afloat. You can feel them when you are going with the flow.

“When you learn to see your relationships as teachers, you take a giant step in the development of emotional maturity and your relationships often improve tremendously.”

“Tending” turns up in the physical body. Earth is suggesting that you nuture yourself and tend to your physical body. “Tending” makes me think of a garden. The changes we are all going through are affecting our physical bodies a great deal and I feel this card is specifically saying that it’s time to turn the soil. This really means to add some new, fresh material to what is already present. What is Earth saying to you? It could be something as simple as drinking more water or spending more time outdoors. Maybe you’ve been thinking about making a change in your diet. If you think of your physical body as a garden that needs tending, you will know what to do at this time.

“It is important to fully honor matter and the physical realm and tend to your earthly realm.”

“Belief System” shows up in the mental body. Air is telling us that we need to release any remaining belief systems if we want to fly. We know that this is something that is very important for Humanity right now as many are struggling because their belief systems are keeping them attached to the old paradigm.

“Learning to consciously examine your beliefs and determine if they are true for you is one way of intentionally setting the vibrational tone for your life.”

“Altered States” appears in the spiritual body. This is a significant action card! The Elementals are telling us to elevate our Awareness by entering a different state of consciousness. Are you on Fire? Do you feel excitement and passion in your spirit?

“There are many powerful ways to enter an altered state: through ceremony, drumming, trance dance, breath work, mask making, mandala making, journeywork, chanting, sexuality, plant teachers, and more. This non-ordinary awareness brings deep gifts of inner knowing.”

The “Co-Creation” card is in the center. This Spirit card ties the other messages together and also tells us more about where we are in our Spiritual Journey. The Co-Creation card materializing here is huge! Spirit is reminding us that we are Co-Creating The Golden Age! If you are in balance and in Unity, your co-creations will be beautiful expressions of Love honored by all.

In this instance, Spirit says that if we explore our Soul Family connections, nurture ourselves, let go of belief systems, and raise our Awareness by entering a different state of consciousness, we will increase our creative powers dramatically. If you are balanced and your intentions are pure, your co-creative powers are immeasurable. Spirit is asking you this right now: What will you co-create today?

“When you align with spirit to manifest or create, you are working in co-creative union with all that is. Alignment with spirit moves energy into forms in ways previously unimaginable.”

♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥

For more information on the elements and working with them, visit

Text and Cards: Elemental Forces of Creation, Lisa Michaels, 2005/2013

So Many Planets Up In The Air ~ Time To Fly

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As we have shared, Humanity is currently going through a time of clearing. This involves being in a state of balance, followed by imbalance, and then achieving balance again but at a higher level of awareness. This is occurring on both the individual and collective levels. Humanity is learning to balance the physical (earth), emotional (water), mental (air), and spiritual (fire) bodies. You have probably noticed yourself being triggered by a person or event and then entering a state of imbalance. As you feel and release the issues raised by being triggered, you move back into balance at a higher level of awareness. Letting go is the key to achieving balance.

This week, Mars is moving retrograde in Libra, Venus joins Mercury in Aquarius on March 5, and the Sun is in Pisces. The Moon is in Taurus on March 5 and 6 and in Gemini on March 7, 8, and 9. There will be a first quarter moon on March 8 at around 8:30 am eastern time.  

While the Moon (representing Humanity) is in Taurus (earth), and the Sun is in Pisces (water), we will be presented with opportunities to balance our physical (earth) and emotional (water) bodies. Since Moon is a water planet, at times we may find ourselves feeling as though we are drowning in our emotional issues like guilt, unworthiness, pity, anger, and sadness. This can make us feel physically tired and we may experience these emotions as physical aches and pains. Keeping our chi moving and releasing blocked energy with our emotions will help us move through this balancing act quickly and gracefully.

Since Venus and Mercury will both be in Aquarius (air), our minds might be performing mental gymnastics and our thoughts seeming to move at light speed. This air can either help lift you out of an emotional quagmire or suck you further in, depending on how you choose to look at the situation. If you choose to count your blessings and adopt an attitude of gratitude, you will ride this wave with a smile on your face and come out of it with a whole new outlook on the world.

Mars moving retrograde may seem daunting at first glance, but it’s really a gift at this time because its energy is turned inward, which is where all your most important work is done. And because it’s in Libra, an air sign of balance, it can work with the two planets in Aquarius to help lift you up. The key here is to turn your back on fear. Remember that fear is not real and you will be able to make quantum leaps over any emotional obstacles.

Hang Ten and release your emotions to the breeze with Love.

After Moon moves into Gemini (air), we are presented with chances to balance our mental (air) and emotional bodies. Because Venus, Mercury, and Mars will still be in air signs, you will shift from an emotional focus to a mental one. Your body will feel more energized and any physical discomforts from the days before should disappear. However, the mental gymnastics will increase, especially if you have not been using the gifts of air to ride the waves.

When the first-quarter Gemini Moon squares the Sun in Pisces on the 8th, you may notice the mental gymnastics increasing in intensity again for a brief period.

What this all really amounts to is a gift in disguise. This is a fantastic opportunity to use that powerful Mars inward-focused energy to launch a breakthrough in any re-occurring negative or tiresome thoughts and thought processes. This is your chance to say good-bye to old thoughts and patterns like obsessive and circular thinking, dwelling on the past, judgment, manipulation, and competition.

Flipping off fear and courageously facing down old, destructive thoughts and thinking patterns once and for all will free you to fly unfettered from the chains of mental bonds and traps.

This is your chance to take wing and ride the wind. Go for it!

~ This is your time to fly! ~

im free