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Our Beautiful Soul Family: Re~Born and Re~Uniting


Happy Full Moon Sun Day!

posted March 04 01

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~ With Love From Team Awesome ~

We Are Huemanity United ~ Unconditionally
One for All and All for One
Communication is Key
Unity Consciousness Rocks
Love is the answer to Everything
Choose Love ~  Be Love
The Kingdom of Heaven is Within
Trust Yourself
Follow your Heart
Go with the Flow

Melodrama Or Mellow? It’s All Up To You

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As I said in my last oracle post ~

As you know by now, we are all about Balance. And the Ascended Master most closely associated with Balance is Lady Portia.

According to Inner Light-Workers (http://www.innerlightworkers.co.uk/ascendedmasters/mastersmep.htm), Portia “embodies Divine Justice through Divine Opportunity and so is also known as the Goddess of Justice and the Goddess of Opportunity. It is she that is characterised holding the scales of justice above buildings such as London’s Old Bailey. “Justice” is to be found at the balance point of thought and feeling, and so together with the hierarchs of Libra (whose sign of the zodiac is of course the set of scales) her role is to teach humanity to attain balance of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies through the attributes of the 4 elements of earth, water, air and fire.”

We’ve been talking a lot about the four elements and balancing our four lower bodies and  so I began doing card readings using the four directions as they correspond to the elements, starting with West and moving clockwise (these correspondences apply in the northern hemisphere).

Here is a photo of the reading I did for today (click to enlarge).

cards march 15b

I asked the Ascended Masters what they wanted Humanity to know in this moment.

As you can see, Pallas Athena appears in the Emotional Body (Water), reminding us to detach from drama. This is a timely message given that these current intense energies have been stirring up even more drama than we usually see in the illusion. Remember that dramas and the people who try to bring you into them are playing their part in helping Humanity to release their emotional issues. The only thing that matters is what you choose to do when somebody invites you to engage in drama. If you focus on yourself and feeling and releasing your emotional issues without getting involved in the drama, you will get back into balance quickly and be Lighter than you were before. This is one way in which you achieve new levels of awareness ~ by letting go.

“Don’t get pulled into the various plots, twists, turns and characters of the drama. Instead, view it as a movie that you know will have a happy (or at least resolved) ending. Of course, you’ll have compassion for everyone involved. Yet, you don’t have to let drama pull you down in any way.”

King Solomon appears in the Physical Body (Earth), reminding us that the bodies we are inhabiting are important, even though we may be distracted by all the emotional and mental issues we are facing in these energies. If you take care of your body and tend to it like the fertile, beautiful garden that it is, you will not only feel better physically but it will also be easier to manage the emotional, mental, and spiritual changes you are going through at this time. To truly be in balance, you must attend to your physical body the same way you do your other bodies.

“You’ll feel elated by the time and energy you invest into your true priorities because your inner self will feel loved and well cared for. As you invest in your priorities, you’re investing in yourself.”

Melchizadek appears in the Mental Body (Air), pointing out that the Spiritual Law of Attraction is always at work. I feel this is obviously related to the Drama card ~ Melchizadek is saying that one way to avoid drama and all of its chaotic energy is to focus on the positive and turn our thoughts to subjects that are loving, peaceful, and happy.

” ‘Like attracts like’ means that everything and everyone that you draw into your life is similar to your thought patterns. If you want to change what or who you attract, hold more positive, loving, and joyful thoughts.”

White Tara appears in the Spiritual Body (Fire), telling us that we should always be mindful of our intentions. In the Drama situation we seem to be looking at here, this is a good reminder that our intentions should always be about serving Love and surrendering to the highest and best outcome for all. That is why we are here at this time, after all. If we focus on serving Love and not our own illusory fears or desires and if our intentions are pure, it will be much easier to detach from drama. White Tara, other Ascended Masters, The Archangels, and many other Beings can help you with purification. Just reach out and… ask them for help!

“Something involved with this situation needs purifying. This could be a signal to purify your motives and intentions so they’re purely about service and not fear or competition… it could simply mean adjusting your life so that all of your actions are in integrity with your true beliefs.”

Kuthumi appears in the center, a place for messages that tie the other cards together, reinforce important messages, or point out other noteworthy subjects. I feel that Kuthumi is saying that staying focused will help us follow through on the things discussed in the other messages and that following through on the things discussed in the other messages will help us stay focused. This is the way energy works…synergistically. Additionally, he is reminding us once again that it’s easier to say no to drama if we are focused on our own intentions.

“You drew this card as a reminder to stay focused upon your intentions, desires, and priorities. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by short-term situations, dramas, or other people’s demands.”

This was an interesting reading! Apparently Drama is popular right now so we can expect to see some chaotic moments as well as some real forward and upward movement when the chaos passes.

Say good-bye to drama, let go in every moment, and enjoy the serenity to come!

~ Love, Rain

For more information on the elements and working with them, visit

Text and Cards: Elemental Forces of Creation, Lisa Michaels, 2005/2013

Tips From The Masters, Part One


 Make meditation a regular practice. 

~ Gautama Buddha

Take responsibility for your actions. 

~ Djwhal Kuhl
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 Trust yourself and be courageous. 

~ El Morya Khan

Understand that you are part of The Divine Plan. 

~ Hilarion
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Stay grounded and focused.

 ~ Kuthumi
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Love yourself  unconditionally.

~ Lady Magda

The Brotherhood/ Sisterhood of Light ~ An Introduction

Ascended Master Sanat Kumara

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To understand the *Great White Brotherhood, let us first ask the question, “What is an Ascended Master?” An Ascended Master is an individual who once was embodied here on Earth and gained mastery of this plane.

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* The Brotherhood/Sisterhood of Light is also known as The Brotherhood of Light, The Great White Brotherhood, and The Great White Brotherhood/Sisterhood.

Source: Ascended Masters and Their Retreats, Werner Schroeder, 2005

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