Ascension Links

You are surrounded by Angels.

♥ Please look to the lower right of any page on our site to see the links to our other sites and the blogs of members
of The Bridge to Freedom Crew. ♥

Disclaimer ~ Obviously, the following links take you off our site. The Bridge to Freedom Crew does not necessarily endorse or support the information or services provided on these sites.

~ We trust your discernment. ~

Angel Wisdom

Ann Albers: Visions of Heaven

Ascension Guidance

Awaken Spirit from Within ~Méline Portia Lafont

Blossom Goodchild

Circle of Light

Creative Evolution

The Creator Writings

The Crop Circle Connector

Daniel Scranton

Diary of an Ascension Pioneer

Expect Wonderful

Franheal: Messages of Love and Healing


The Golden Age of Aquarius


Indigo Diaries

Inner Light-Workers

Jamye Price ~ Soul Progression for Ascension

Jenny Schiltz

The Jeshua Channelings

Life Tapestry Creations

The Lighted Ones

The New Divine Humanity

NorthPoint Astrology

Oracles and Healers

Oneness of All

Sacred School of Om Na

Shanta Gabriel

Soulstice Rising

Spiritual Journey

Spirit Walk Ministry

Starchild Global

Teachings of The

Trinity Esoterics


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