Power Animals Oracle Card Reading

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In keeping with my current theme of Our Connection With Animals, I decided to do a card reading with this awesome oracle deck that I bought at the Edgar Cayce center in Virginia Beach in May. I LOVE these cards and I am currently on a high of exploring my renewed and beautiful connections with the Animal Kingdom.

As I said in a recent oracle post ~

As you know by now, we are all about Balance. And the Ascended Master most closely associated with Balance is Lady Portia.

According to Inner Light-Workers (http://www.innerlightworkers.co.uk/ascendedmasters/mastersmep.htm), Portia “embodies Divine Justice through Divine Opportunity and so is also known as the Goddess of Justice and the Goddess of Opportunity. It is she that is characterised holding the scales of justice above buildings such as London’s Old Bailey. “Justice” is to be found at the balance point of thought and feeling, and so together with the hierarchs of Libra (whose sign of the zodiac is of course the set of scales) her role is to teach humanity to attain balance of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies through the attributes of the 4 elements of earth, water, air and fire.”

We’ve been talking a lot about the four elements and balancing our four lower bodies and so I began doing card readings using the four directions as they correspond to the elements, starting with West and moving clockwise (these correspondences apply in the northern hemisphere).

In this reading, West represents the emotional body (Water), North is the physical body (Earth), East is the mental body (Air), and South represents the spiritual body (Fire). In the center is a card for Spirit, and this represents a summary and information about the spiritual journey ~ it ties the other cards together.

I asked Animal Spirits what message they have for Humanity in this moment.

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Meeting Notes/ Saturday, July 5, 2014 (12 pm (noon) EST)

       Today we discussed various aspects of energy basics… such as setting our intentions, being present, and having healthy energetic relationships.  If you feel that a person, or situation is not a healthy investment of your energy — step into your power and cut ties with that person or situation.  It is okay to say no, and is important to set boundaries for yourself.  

       Let challenges make you, and your relationships stronger.  It’s all about perspective… and positive outlook, people, and situations are key.  Even if something appears to be a stumbling block, look at it as a possibility for growth.  

    Set your intentions firmly in love, which is the only truth– and indeed all that is, and you cannot be shaken from your foundation.  ❤

Our next family meeting will be Wedesday, July 9, at 2 pm EST.

Hope to see you there! 


What do we want our World to be?


I was reading a post the other day

and it was asking this question.

What do we want our World to be?

I pondered on this for many moments.

It makes so much sense to be feeling our creative

and co-creative energy flowing like the rapids.

We are connecting in deeper and deeper.

As we feel our own being emerge, we remember.

We are the sparks of light that

bring truth to every moment.

We are organic, pure essence of light.

It is open, free, and desiring to play.

We have a canvas that is willing to

become all we envision it to be.

As long as it is Heart based.

Vibrant colors, shapes, and language all can understand.

This is our mission now.

Build, Create, Co-Create.

This picture and its words speak loudly

as a beginning to ponder

about what you desire for the world to be.

Yes, I am proud to be one in this category. LOL!

Think Hippie thoughts!

(Thanks to Spirit Science for the photo}

My only add here at this moment is before

any of this can move forward,

we must be balanced, grounded, and

be Love~In~Action, Highest outcome, every moment!

Within ourselves and within the collective.

Many more desires are forming as I write this…

Some of the others mentioned are:



If you feel to share , please do so! (in the comments section below)

We are ready! ~ Intention from the Heart ~ Create we us!



Love, Light & Laughter, Michelle


The Bridge to Freedom Crew

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What do we want our World to be?

Animal Spirit Guides Have Messages For You!

~ Bear Has A Message For You ~

 Animals sometimes appear to give us important messages. They have valuable lessons and guidance for us.

Recently, while I was meditating, I had a vision of a bear. It was black and it was right in my face. LOL. Not in a bad way though; I mean its face was right in front of my face and it was roaring at me but I could not hear any sound. What I’m saying is that it was talking to me in its bearish way; nose to snout as it were. I know now that this visit was about my healing gifts and abilities manifesting in a more concrete way.

Just yesterday my friend Coco appeared to me while I was meditating and said, “Come on, I want to show you something about Bear Medicine.” Shortly after that Coco disappeared and I embarked on a truly intense and amazing experience involving some smoky grayish-black energy and then some green and violet energies. I felt that Master R and AA Ratziel were there as well as some other Beings. Then I was assisted to access a bunch of information on healing, both energetic and physical, such as subjects like repairing muscle tissue and increasing blood flow.

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Meeting Notes– Wednesday July 2, 2014

Some themes discussed in today’s meeting were the importance of being:
1. Grounded, 2. Centered, and 3. Balanced.
We discussed various methods of grounding — such as being in nature.

We focused on being love and radiating joy.

A question posed at the meeting today was:

What do you want the world to be like (what kind of world do you want to live in)?

Some qualities of our ideal world that we discussed were:

Creative Expression
Honoring all
All One

The next meeting of The Bridge to Freedom Crew (Aka Team Awesome)
will be: Saturday at 12pm (noon) EST

Hope to see you there!

Much love ❤

Monday Morning Music and Mediation

“Love is anterior to life, posterior to death, initial of creation, and the exponent of breath” – Emily Dickinson



Join me, Amanda, today, and every Monday Morning at 10 am EST for an eclectic mix of music and mediation, all full of LOVE!

It’s time for us to step into our POWER and realize the fullness of our JOY… our BLISS…

The time to celebrate has arrived, and I hope you will join me in celebration.

Again, that’s Mondays 10 EST


Hope to see YOU there!


PS… there will be DANCING!


Much love, always, Amanda 


Mission Introduction ~ The Bridge to Freedom


 If you are reading this, then you already know (on some level) that you are Co-Creating The Bridge to Freedom in every moment. Welcome Home to Your Soul Family!

           The Bridge to Freedom is one name for a mission that we have all been working on together for a long time. A very, very long time.

Our  Soul Family is working with the Elohim, Angels, Agarthans, Star Family,Fairies, Unicorns,Mermaids, Elementals, The Devic Kingdom and many other Beings, who watch over us at all times, to complete The Bridge to Freedom and bring Humanity home into 5D (Heaven on Earth) – that is our current role. We are also here to assist Gaia, our Beloved Mother and Heart of this Universe. As Gaia lovingly supports all of Humanity, so we support her.

Our current mission includes about 12 millions of  Human Beings. Most of us came in as Indigos but we count many Crystals amongst our Ground Crew as well. Our crew members all belong to The Brotherhood of Light, also known as The Great White Brotherhood (we also call ourselves The Bridge to Freedom Crew and Team Awesome!). All of our crew members are Ascended Masters. Yes, You! You have done this before! Some of us have ascended on Earth before and some of us have ascended on other planets before. And some of us have done both! We have had many,  many life-times on Earth and have strong, old roots here. Remember, Remember, Remember!

          Since January, we’ve been in the process of transmuting old denser energy that Humanity has created over many years in order to end the old cycle,Yes, this has been happening for a while now, but in January there was a huge breakthrough and the Real Beginning of the Golden Age of Aquarius. This transformation/transmutation was done through our Light-Bodies with the assistance of the ships, with certain Beings acting as focal points but with everybody co-creating together and assisting each other, as this is what we signed up for before incarnating. We knew this was the life-time Humanity would Ascend to 5D; it’s in our „Mission Contract”. We have always supported one another and we continue to do so, even on an unconscious level. As part of the process being made in January, Transmutation was followed by a healing/adjustment period and this cycle was repeated many times.


         Now that so much of the old energy has been transmuted, all that remains is for Humanity (individually and collectively) to Awaken to the  Love We All are as One, after that everything else will fall into place and everything will start flowing smoothly, we assure you. During the Manifestation Portal (on January 20-21), we switched from being a left-brained collective to being a right-brained collective. Humanity asked for this. This switch was co-created by all of us on an energetic level to make things easier for everybody. Being a right-brained collective will make it easier for Humanity to reach balanced harmonics. Simplicity is Key.

          The Age of Aquarius officially started on January 20-21, 2014, when the Sun entered the sign of Aquarius. As you know, the dawning of The Age of Aquarius was about 50 years ago or so and since then, we have been in a state of change, flowing from the Age of Pisces into this new Golden Age.

Around February 1st, The Christ Consciousness was firmly anchored on Mother Earth. There are now enough Huemans who have integrated their I AM Presence to maintain the grid and it is firing BRILLIANTLY! As we hold the space, embodying Love and shining our Light, we pass that Light on to others, helping them integrate their Higher Selves, and so on, until it is All complete and ready to move on to the Next Level which is reaching Balanced Harmonics/Ascension/5D/Heaven on Earth/Higher States of Being everywhere, which is the Divine Plan.

        Around January-March the „First” Contact Energies were grounded into the Planet as well, so you can expect more Sightings of Our Star Family. They are as excited as we are to reunite with Us on the Physical Plane and the Decloaking is in Process. However, it’s not something to focus upon, as it can become a distraction and waiting for it becomes frustrating and pointless. Trust Divine Timing, until then you can connect in the Heart Space with whoever you want to. We are All Highly Telepathic, and we’ve been using Telepathy forever,and other ways of communication, unconsciously most of the time. It’s time to use it Consciously, you know how to do it ~ It’s Within You. It has always been there. Let it flow through you.

           Find Yourself.Re-Discover  Yourself. Find Your Passions, Gifts and Talents. We All have them. And they are our Birth Right. Share them with each other.

     Excerpt from http://www.thebridgetofreedom.org/2014/06/12/serenity-is-yours-serenity-is-you/ „  Wayshowers embracing Serenity is the best thing that could happen for The Grid, the Bridge to Freedom, and Unity Consciousness. Those are all the same things, actually. We each have a place and a role to play there/here. We each have our own “mission” within the larger mission, but the goal is ultimately to bring everybody who wants to be there into Unity Consciousness. Right now, it’s about us standing together, embodying the Christ Consciousness, and holding space for all those who are coming to join us. That is why we refer to ourselves as “Huemanity United on the Bridge to Freedom.”

If you want Peace, be Peace.
Serenity = Peace + Love + Joy + Awareness.
Embrace Serenity.

I believe this is where we all want to be. Some of us are still meandering, experiencing what we chose to experience and learning what we need to learn. Of course, experiencing and learning never end, but they can occur in a state of Serenity. Integrate the understanding that you can be “clear” and that there is nothing wrong with you. There are a lot of Beings in the Illusion who benefit greatly from you thinking that there is something “wrong” with you. That there is something you need to “clear” before you can move on to embracing Serenity and being the Love that you are. The best thing you can do for yourself and Creation is to accept that you are an awesome miracle of Love who came here to share your unique essence and shine your Light.


              Our main focuses are:


  • Assisting Humanity’s Ascension Process on All Levels
  • Providing and Sharing Truth and Real Information and acting as guides and wayshowers for Humanity’s Awakening.
  • Increasing Awareness
  • Grounding/Anchoring „New” Earth Energies into Our Planet for the Physical Manifestation. This happens through holding meditations for each event: new/full moon, eclipses, etc. This is usually in our Tinychat Room you can find the link of, below. We’re holding meditations to raise our vibrations and frequency as well.
  • Taking ACTION,instead of waiting for something to happen all the time. Standing in our Power as the Powerful Co-Creators we All are and start consciously Co-Creating the New  Earth  in Unity and in the Oneness Energies as the Seed-Planters of this Golden Age, which we are very Honoured to be. A seemingly small action you take towards the Highest Good,Highest Outcome of All, can make a Big difference. A chain reaction.
  • Creating Unity amongst the All it’s a very important part of our Mission. As more Beings join the Unified Field/Higher Grid, the Light Increses exponentially. We share messages we receive intuitively, dreams, visions, many synchronicities and signs that act as small puzzle pieces and when put together fit perfectly and becomes this Brilliant Puzzle. We Definitely Shine Brighter TOGETHER in Love, and We have more Fun together as well, as the Big Family we are!
  • FREEDOM of Humanity on All Levels. It All starts by Freeing WITHIN First(As Usual) of All  Dysfunctional Belief Systems, and everything else that Lowers your Vibration in a state of an illusionary ‚powerlesness”. Best example: Religion.
  • TRUE Equality. No leaders. No judgement. No hierarchies. We’re All Equal!
  • Assisting the Flow of Abundance and Prosperity, as well as dissolving the blocks that are interrupting it.
  • Focus on Love, Be It and Love One Another
  • Participating in activities you want like meditations/readings/music and chat/VDJing or you can create your own, one that reflects your heart’s passions


Following Your Heart, Your Intuition Your Passions and whatever brings You Joy is an important part of the Mission. If you feel drawn/connected to the Mission, and want to add your Beautiful Unique Light to the group, feel free to e-mail Us at the E-mail below, so we can add you to the Team. No other recquirements,LOL. Just Be Love! Be Yourself! We Love Everybody for who they are. Welcome back! We’ve been holding the space warm for You.

Let’s get the party started!



 We Love You,

  The Bridge to Freedom Crew


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