Free Online Oracle Card Readings and More

Heart Flame Power Animals

Angel Messenger ~ Free Online Angel Card Readings

Angel Wings Angel Card Reading

Animal Spirits Oracle ~ Ten different oracles: Past, Present, Future; The Daily Animal Spirit; Medicine Wheel Reading; Vision Quest Reading; Attainment Reading; Relationship Reading; The Star Reading; The Planetary Reading; Grandfather Sun, Grandmother Moon Reading; and The Coming Year Reading

Ask Angels ~ Angel Card Reading

Celtic Animal Birth Sign

Cosmic Heavenletter Generator

Earth Magic Oracle Card Readings 
~ Animal Spirit Guides; Earth Magic; Power Animals

Free Online Rune Readings

Full Moon Dreams Tarot

ifate Tarot ~ Tarot Reading
Nine different oracles: The Llewellyn Tarot; Celtic Dragon; Fairy Ring; Gilded Tarot; Legend: The Arthurian Tarot; Quest Tarot; Sacred Circle; Shapeshifter; Witches Tarot

Lotus Tarot

Mayan Oracle

Messages From The Archangels

Messages From The Masters

Morgan’s Tarot

Personal Daily Crowley Thoth Tarot Card 

The Rainbow Scribe ~ Consult The Cards

Relationship Help Cards 

Spirit Animal Totem Generator

Trusted Tarot

Vital Affirmations

Voyager Tarot ~ Card A Day

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