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The ABCs of Awakening,
Awareness, and Ascension

Welcome to our new Resource Center! As part of our mission and Divine Role, The Bridge To Freedom Crew is here to provide helpful, basic information for the Newly Awakened and everybody else.  Click on a letter below or scroll down to explore basic subjects ~ the building blocks of Humanity’s Ascension.

This hub will also lead you to additional pages on subjects that require more discussion. We will also provide videos and links, etc. on certain subjects.

This page is a living document. It will be updated on an ongoing basis. Please help us co-create this page by asking questions and adding comments and additional information through the commenting function. If something in our Resource Center does not resonate with you, that’s okay ~ just take what you feel is Truth and run with it. Your comments and input on that are welcome as well.

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letterA is for ~

Abundance, Ascended Master, Ascension, Astral Realm, Awakening, Awareness

Life is Good

Abundance ~ To live in Abundance is our natural state. In Reality there is no lack and all Beings have everything they need to thrive. That also goes for our existence in the matrix or illusion. We all have everything we need to thrive. Some people only experience a lack of abundance because they have chosen to, to learn from that experience. Others mistakenly perceive that they lack abundance because they feel they do not have everything they desire or as a result of some fear that has created a block to The Flow of Abundance.  Abundance is not about money; it’s about the flow of the Golden Energy of Love. The fact is that everything is Energy and there is always an abundance of Energy available to all.

To read the rest of this discussion on Abundance, click here: On Abundance and Awareness.


Ascended Master ~  An Ascended Master is a Being who has achieved what Humanity is striving for now – ascension to existing in a higher dimension from a lower dimension. All Ascended Masters mastered their lower bodies (emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual), fully integrated all of their aspects and their I AM presence, and achieved such a high level of consciousness that they transcended to the Fifth Dimension or another higher dimension from a lower dimension. Some well known Ascended Masters are Jesus, St. Germain, Lady Nada, and Quan Yin but there are many, many more. Some Masters ascended on Earth and some ascended on other planets.

We have recently learned from The Galactic Brotherhood/Sisterhood of Light that there are an average of ten Human Beings on Earth who carry an aspect of each Ascended Master represented here. For example, there are currently five to ten men on this planet who are an aspect of St. Germain. There are some Masters who have as many as 20 aspects in Humans here on the planet. You can find a lot of information on Ascended Masters by searching this site and The Golden Age of Aquarius
(where our older posts can be found).

Ascension ~
Astral Realm (also see Karma) ~

butterfly 1b

Awakening ~ People usually use the term “Awakening” to describe the moment when they awoke to the Truth or fact that they are Eternal, Multi-dimensional Beings and Unique Sparks of The One Divine Flame incarnated in physical bodies. Of course, when people say, “When I Woke Up,” each person’s story is different and the Truths that they awoke to will differ. Everybody has an Awakening Story and each one is different. An Awakening Story might be about discovering that one is on a mission, or that there is no such thing as death, or that one is from another planet, or that one has experienced past lives.

To read the rest of this discussion on Awakening, click here:
On Ascended Masters and Awakening.

Through the Looking Glass

Awareness ~ Awareness is similar to consciousness but has more to do with how aware you are of what is really going on around you as well as who and what you really are. Some people are operating at higher levels of Awareness and some at lower. This is not a judgment or a “good” or “bad” thing, it’s just that all Humans Beings are operating at a unique level of awareness. Our level of awareness can change at any time and will continue to change throughout our journey.

Awareness goes hand in hand with Balance. The more balanced you are, the greater your Awareness. People often work together, based on soul level agreements, to help each other reach new states of balance and awareness. For example, someone may be knocked off balance by their reaction to or feelings about an event such as an argument or a person who challenges them, etc. Then, they work their way into a renewed state of Balance at a higher level of Awareness, having learned from their experience.

letterB is for ~

Balance, Be, Bridge, The Bridge To Freedom


Balance ~ Being balanced is very important if we want to live life in harmony. Balance can only be found within and on many levels. The most important are: Spiritual, Mental, Physical, and Emotional. If you are balanced on these levels everything else falls into place.

Bridge ~
The Bridge To Freedom ~

letterC is for ~

Centering, Chakras, Choice, Compassion, Create and Co-Create, Creation, Crop Circles

~ golden ~

Centering/Centered ~ You’ve probably heard the expression “grounded, balanced, and centered.” We will discuss all three of these words in our Primer. For now ~ what does it mean to be centered?

To read the rest of this discussion on Being Centered, click here: On Being Centered and… Crop Circles!


Chakras ~ Chakras are energy centers in which energy flows through. They are vortices that spin constantly and if they don’t spin properly, you can get diseases and a lot of other problems in your life, that could get solved easily with just a little bit of awareness on how chakras work.You can think of them as links between your physical body and energetic body. I am going to talk about each chakra, and at the end of the post I am going to share a few ways to activate and/or balance your chakras.

To read the rest of this discussion on Chakras, click here:
 Valuable information About Chakras and Ways to Activate, Cleanse and Balance Them 

Choice ~
Compassion ~
Create and Co-Create ~
Creation ~

Image Source

Crop Circles ~ Crop circles have been appearing in fields for a long time. Some crop circles are made by Humans and some are made by Galactic Beings on starships. Why would Galactic Beings on starships create crop circles? To communicate, to help raise the vibration of Humanity through the excitement created by revealing their presence, to transfer/ground energy, and for fun. There is a wealth of information on crop circles available on the internet, including videos of people sharing their interpretations of what specific crop circles mean.

More information ~
Crop Circle Connector
Crop Circles Explained
How Crop Circles and Sacred Sites Influence Human Consciousness
How Crop Circles Work

letterD is for ~

Discernment, Divine Plan, Divine Role

Discernment ~

divine planb

Divine Plan ~ The Divine plan is the blueprint of Creation. We are all part of a larger, unified yet diverse tapestry that encompasses all of Creation. We are all connected. We are all part of the same unified consciousness. The tapestry that is The Divine Plan interweaves threads of Divine Will and Free Will (your will and your choices).

When we say “The Divine Plan is Alive,” we mean that it is ever~changing because we are all co~creating it in every moment. Not only are you a part of the Divine Plan, but you are also co-creating it! Always remember that The Divine Plan lives in you and through you. It is not something that somebody else planned and is carrying out. It is not something that is being done to you. You are not a puppet or slave to The Divine Plan. You co-create The Divine Plan in every moment, along with all other Conscious Beings in Creation. As you experience greater awareness over time, you will become increasingly more aware of your participation in The Divine Plan.

Divine Role ~

letterE is for ~

Empathy, Empowering Yourself, Energy, Expansion, Expectations

Empathy ~


Image Source

Empowering Yourself ~ Taking responsibility for your own Being and journey and energy is a great way to empower yourself. That is part of mastery ~ owning your power. If somebody tells you that you need their spiritual services or assistance and that there is something that you cannot do for yourself, with the help of your own guides and team, you might want to take a step back and ask yourself why that person is trying to disempower you. And then you can decide if you want to give your power away to that person or not. It is all up to you. Remember that a true Lightworker will always seek to empower others, not make them dependent on himself. And a true teacher will aspire to teach you how to help yourself, not keep you under her thumb.

To read the rest of this discussion on Empowering Yourself, click here: Removing Implants and Empowering Yourself.

Expansion ~
Expectations ~

letterF is for ~

Fear, Flow, Focus, Freedom, Frequency

Fear ~
Flow ~

Focus ~
Freedom ~


Image Source

Frequency  ~ Everything is energy. Matter is energy ~ Einstein proved that all matter is a manifestation of energy. And energy is never completely still, it is always moving. Even things that appear to be solid, like walls, are actually moving or vibrating on an atomic and subatomic level although this movement cannot be seen by the human eye. Nothing is really still because the electrons around atoms are always moving, even at extremely low temperatures.

To read the rest of this discussion on Frequency, click here:
On Vibration and Frequency

letterG is for ~

Gratitude, Grounding, Guides


Gratitude ~ Gratitude is a very high vibrational state of Being. Counting your blessings and being thankful can propel you to new heights, especially if you are feeling low.

To read the rest of this discussion on Gratitude, click here:
On Gratitude.

Grounding ~
Guides ~

letterH is for ~

Heart, Hologram, Human, Hueman, Humor

Heart ~
Hologram ~
Human ~

Image Source

Humor ~ Somewhere along the path, many Lightworkers lose their sense of humor. This happens for different reasons since we are all unique sparks of the Divine Flame. Sometimes it’s because of an overwhelming sense of duty or due to frustration that comes from having too many expectations.

Whatever the cause, just remember that you CAN and should RE-CLAIM your sense of humor! Humor is one of the gifts that helps you Lighten Up and achieve higher levels of consciousness. Don’t ever take anything too seriously, including yourself. Laughter is key to raising your vibration! Humor = Laughter = Joy!

letterI is for ~

I AM, The Illusion, Implants, Intention

I AM ~

The Mirage

The Illusion (also known as The Matrix and The Program) ~  The Illusion is where Humanity has been living for thousands of years. Fear, pain, and suffering only exist in The Illusion. In order to “see” what’s Real, you have to clear the veils of illusion within yourself.

Clear your mind...

Implants ~ Non-physical implants are generally described as “etheric” or “energetic.” They can be implanted in various places in your Being or field and they affect the frequency of the energy where they are located.

To read the rest of this discussion on Implants, click here: Removing Implants and Empowering Yourself.

Intention ~

letterJ is for ~

Journey, Joy

Journey ~

Power of Joy

Joy ~
Joy is a state of exuberant happiness and jubilation. The experience of JOY is full of Love and Gratitude. To fully embrace Joy, it is important to be fully in the present moment. As we move forward in life, it is key do to what brings us Joy. Joyful activities and expression are major components to a balanced life.
~ LIVE in JOY ~

letterK is for ~

Karma, The Kingdom of Heaven, Knowing

Karma (also see Astral Realm) ~
The Kingdom of Heaven (within)
Knowing ~

letterL is for ~

Letting Go, Light, Lightworker, Links, Love, Love In Action

Letting Go (also known as Releasing) ~
Lightworker ~

Blinded By The Light

Links ~ See this page for Spiritual Links and more information:
Spiritual Links

All You Need is LOVE

Love ~ Love is a state of being which is all-accepting and non-judgmental. It is the creative force. Love is Source Energy!
Love embraces all perceived faults and sees them as beauty.
A key to a joyous life and harmonious relationships is Self-Love. Loving ones’ SELF opens the door to a broad spectrum of loving relationships with humanity and nature as a whole.
~ LOVE is ALL ~

Love In Action ~

letterM is for ~

Meditation, Merkabah, Mission, Money, Multi-Dimensional

Meditation ~

Main merkabah

Image source

Merkabah ~ Most of us have heard of the Merkabah, but not many of us know what the Merkabah actually is.

To read the rest of this description of The Merkabah, click here: http://tealswan.com/articles/what-is-the-merkabah.

Mission ~
Money  ~
Multi-Dimensional ~

letterN is for ~

Now, Namaste

... time is an illusion ...

Now (The Present Moment) ~ Linear time is not real ~ it is a construct that only exists in The Illusion or the lowest vibrational levels or dimensions. In Reality, every moment exists in the Present Moment of Now and there is no objective measurement of time. Now is Eternal and All There Is.

To read the rest of this discussion on Now, click here: Presence ~ Now (The Present Moment).

Note ~ Being aware of existing in The Present Moment is sometimes referred to as “Mindfulness.”

Namaste ~

letterO is for ~

One, Oneness

One ~
Oneness ~

letterP is for ~

Paradigm, Patience, Peace, Portal, Power

Paradigm ~


Patience It has been said that patience is a virtue, one which admittedly I tend to struggle with at times.

To read the rest of this discussion on Patience, click here: On Patience: Allowing things to Unfold without Expectation.

Portal ~
Power ~

letterQ is for ~

Quantum Leap, Question

Quantum Leap ~
Question ~

letterR is for ~

Rainbow, Reality, Resonance, Responsibility

Rainbow ~
Resonance ~
Responsibility ~

letterS is for ~

Serenity, Service, Soul Family ~ Soul Group, Source, Sovereign, Spiritual, Starship, Surrender

Serenity ~
Service ~
Soul Family ~Soul Group ~

Source ~
Sovereign ~
Spiritual ~
Starship ~
Surrender ~

letterT is for ~

Transparency, Truth, Twin Flame

Transparency ~
Twin Flame ~

letterU is for ~

Unity, Unity Consciousness

Unity ~
Unity Consciousness ~

letterV is for ~

Vessel, Vibration, Videos, Violet Flame, Volunteer, Vulnerability

Vessel ~

Don't worry. Smile. Be happy.

Vibration ~ Everything is energy. Matter is energy ~ Einstein proved that all matter is a manifestation of energy. And energy is never completely still, it is always moving. Even things that appear to be solid, like walls, are actually moving or vibrating on an atomic and subatomic level although this movement cannot be seen by the human eye. Nothing is really still because the electrons around atoms are always moving, even at extremely low temperatures.

To read the rest of this discussion on Vibration, click here:
On Vibration and Frequency

Also see this post for fun suggestions on how to raise your vibration:  111 Ways To Raise Your Vibration.


Videos ~ See this page for Spiritual Videos and more information: Spiritual Videos

Violet Flame ~
Volunteer ~
Vulnerablility ~

letterW is for ~

Walk Your Talk, Wayshower, Will (Divine Will), Will (Free Will)

Walk Your Talk ~
Will (Divine Will)
Will (Free Will) ~

letterX is for ~


Xylophone ~

letterY is for ~

Yoga, You

Yoga ~
You ~

letterZ is for ~


Zen ~

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  1. I don’t know who wrote this ABC but it was prophetic for me. If you read your name into it and read the quality/word expressions … it was remarkable for me at least, as far as what my soul is pursuing.

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