Daily Intentions for Your Highest Good

Zero Time!

The Divine Plan works to ensure that everything works out for the highest and best good of all. Even if it doesn’t look that way in the moment, things always work out for the best in terms of our spiritual growth and development. Challenges are not presented to make you suffer ~ challenges are presented because you chose them in order to learn from various experiences.

One way you can take responsibility to ensure that things are working our for your highest good is by releasing all things that no longer serve you. Things are always changing and, as we progress, we want to make sure we are present in The Now ~ not hanging on to anything from the past that could be making things more difficult for us. This is a great way to empower yourself. You are in charge of your journey, not anybody else.

We suggest that you repeat the following once a day, with intent. Your intentions are very important and powerful. Remember to ask that only things that no longer serve your highest good be released.

These words come from Sananda, as told to one of our crew members.

 I ask that all contracts, cords, agreements, threads, attachments, implants, thought patterns, thought forms and thought creations that no longer serve my highest good be cut and healed going past, present, future across all timelines, dimensions, realities, aspects of self, and through past lives. It is so, it is done.

6 thoughts on “Daily Intentions for Your Highest Good”

  1. Ammended it….(Daily) Beloved Mighty I AM Presence and Ascended Masters: CUT (3x) all contracts, cords, old agreements, threads, attachments, thought patterns & thought forms that no longer serve my Highest good. CUT & HEAL across all past, present, and future timelines, dimensions & through past lives. IT IS SO. IT IS DONE. Almighty I Am !

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