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Today’s Message For Humanity

I pulled a card from my Gaia Oracle deck with the intention of receiving a message for humanity. Here’s what I drew:Winter's End

“This card signifies rebirth, regeneration and new growth. You may not know it but the cycle has already begun. A cold grey period of your life is coming to an end — a new season begins. As with the tree lady featured on this card, the first signs of Spring are just starting to show; the first shoots have sprouted and soon the new buds will be in full bloom as they bathe in the light of the sun. Many beautiful things are in store for you. New opportunities present themselves, sometimes quite unexpectedly. When they do, embrace them; do not hesitate, for this is your time to shine. This is a lucky and prosperous period for you. Many things that were previously not possible now are. Doors that were previously closed are now open, This card also signifies travel and positive outcome.”

WOW! I was blown away by the appearance of this card! Good news indeed!!!

Much love to all,