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Heart To Heart ~ The Power of Gratitude

♥ Heart To Heart ~ The Power of Gratitude ♥

~ A Gift From The Bird Tribe ~

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

Gratitude is one sure way to an Open Heart. Few things can raise your vibration like the Power of Gratitude.

Think of all the blessings in your life. Make a list of all the things for which you are grateful. 

When you see your life as one that is filled with wonderful things that you Love and enjoy, everything looks a little brighter ~ a little lighter. As within, so without.

Gratitude can change your perspective in a Heart-beat. 

When you’re feeling out of sorts and
You need to adjust your attitude,
Breathe in Love and Light and
Breathe out Love, Light, and Gratitude.

Attitude Adjustment

~ With Love  from Our Hearts to Your Heart,
Rain Love and Jeshua

♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥

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A Co-Creative Love Poem


Happy Saturday, Love Beans!
I hope you are enjoying these moments and feeling the Love Waves. I have had some Rainbow Moments but I welcome them as stepping stones and signs of growth.
Re~Birth is not easy but all that we go through is SO worth it.
It takes a lot of pressure to create a diamond, after all.

Last evening, I went through all the posts I shared on Facebook yesterday and copied the title of each. Then I did some editing and created this poem. I would like to thank all the authors of the original posts for participating in this Co-Creation. Thank you!

I hope you all enjoy this poem. Thank you for reading.

~ Love, Rain

♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥

The Road to Shambhala

The Journey of The Divine Human

Shadow or substance?

The journey of the divine human ~
Falling apart is the best thing that can happen to us

Show up for yourself
Nurture yourself

Believe in your dreams
Without expectation

Moored in Love
Consciousness reaching critical mass

Elaborate art
Manifestation is easier than you think

Stop working hard
Start creating success

Survivor on fire
May peace prevail

Eclipse and Equinox fun times

And The Prodigal returned home

I Ascend


The Path of Oneness

Spiral staircase
I ascend step by step
Buoyed by energy
And the wings of Angels

As I round the curve
The past echoes
The future whispers
And my selves wave and speak to me

My soul stirs in response

But this is not going backward
And this is not going forward

This is expanding

My signature reverberates
Through all dimensions
Throughout all Creation
And I Am

And I Am One with All That Is

~ Rain, 10/9/14

Steps to the Bridge

my skin
inside itself
hanging heavy
on bones that
the roaring inside-
longing to
stretch the
full length of
gathered into a ball
to explode
long cool breaths
stagger now
into shallow depths
every day wishing
for the call
to sound-
to leave
this Earth
where I am bound
and go back to
where I know I belong-
I have no idea
what I am

-Meg Wethington


I Understand ~ By Sabine

Beautiful pic by Janet Rose

This was written by a dear friend. Enjoy!

I understand
that I am the beloved

I understand
That it is really me
I am seeking

I understand
That I am The One

I understand
That anything out there
Is an illusion
Or another way
To experience me

I understand
That I am the love of my life

I understand…….


The moon is Bright!

planet abstract magical

I found this old poem of mine, it seems to connect with what we just all experienced!! The moon speaks loudly and we have the amazing privelidge of its glorious energy and its overflowing of love in action every moment it shows itself to us..So grateful for its balance it brings and for the love of Gaia it so illuminates for us.

The moon is bright
And filled with question.
What will become of me
If I don’t care?
As the wind blows
And clouds move across
He looks as if he wants to speak:
It’ll be ok, don’t fret–
I shine bright for you
And you will see the light–
Go beyond that light
And follow your heart–
Never doubt
What feels right inside–
It will never
Let you down.


Love, Light, Laughter Always! 💜