Vibrantly Living as Your Best Self

You are more than the name you were given at birth and much more than social constructs and society say you are.  You are more than you can imagine.

YOU are stardust, you are creative force, you are an individual expression of Source, and you are a unique embodiment of Love.

The time of striving is over.  You do not have to change or mold yourself to please anyone.  You are enough, in fact — you are so much more than enough.  Do not underestimate your impact.  For even a pebble can make a great wave — and you are so much more than a pebble. You are a rare a beautiful gem.


Discard all the baggage which may be holding you back.  Do not just drop it, but cast it into oblivion.  YOU ARE FREE.

In every moment, you are being perfectly yourself.  I believe that all of us have always done the best with the circumstances we have been given.  We have all made mistakes; but the glory of mistakes is that they are stepping stones rather then stumbling blocks.  We learn from each one and we propel ourselves forward.


Follow your heart, move forward with vibrancy and passion  — and do not look back.  Accept every facet of your being — each is a puzzle piece in the masterpiece of your existence.

Being the best version of yourself, to me, means daily choosing to approach life through the lens of love, compassion, and empathy.  When you look at another individual, see their soul, look past their appearance or circumstance. Accept others as they are without judgment, but rather with an appreciation for their part in your journey. Love them as you love yourself, as Jesus taught.  This “Golden Rule” is a key component to most religions… and it is the element which unites them all.  To love one another, is to see each person as a part of yourself, with more commonalities than differences.  This is when we reach true unity with individuals, and unity with all that is.


That is my wish for all of us, every living creature, that we simply love and accept one another, that we live in greater harmony with ourselves, our community, and our planet.  We each have unique skill set and gifts.  There is something we can learn from every individual we encounter; and if you learn anything thing from me, I hope it’s this:  Learn to love with all your soul, with every breath and moment, and find beauty in all that is.

For now,





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