Embodying Love as a Way of Life

Love is our natural state of being.  It is fearless and free.  Love is all-accepting, knows no bounds, and transcends all limitations.

Love is Free.png

This state of being is empowering.  Becoming an embodiment of love, and casting aside, fear, judgment, and anger may take a bout of courage, or require each of us to step outside of our comfort zone a bit.  However, when we release the burdens of fear, hatred, judgment, and anger — when we break the shackles of social conditioning,  and return to our initial loving way of life, this is when we truly taste freedom.  This freedom quenches the thirst of soul and nourishes the spirit.  It is when we embody love that we truly blossom.


Love is a unifying force.  It allows us to see a part of our essence in everyone and everything we encounter.  We see the worthiness in our own being, and see this worthiness reflected in others.  Though we may have differences, our core is the same.  We begin to find beauty in places we once overlooked; in the simple as well as the complex.

“Love is the bridge between you and

everything.”     -Jalaluddin Rumi

As an embodiment of love, we rise above negativity.  Though negative emotions and experiences may make their way onto our path…  we accept them, learn from them, triumph over them and let them pass.

We begin to mold our own beautiful truth.  A life that is by our design, through our intention and your essence of love.  Love is the life force, the creative force, it is both our muse and our expression — for it is all encompassing.

We begin to re-examine all the ways in which we have been conditioned through a more heart-centered, compassionate, and empathetic perspective.  We embrace others with acceptance, and we embrace our soul’s true essence.

“Dismiss whatever insults your own soul, and your very

flesh shall become a great poem…”  – Walt Whitman

Remember, you are the greatest form of expression in your life… you are your own  masterpiece lived through a legacy of  love you share with others.

In closing, I hope that you live joyous and free.  That you choose love in every moment, not simply as a way to feel, but as a way to be.  A vantage point to view the entirety of life.

“Immerse you soul in love…”  Radiohead


Amanda Goins

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