Releasing the Burden of Fear


When we are experiencing fear and anxiety, we are robbing ourselves of the freedom and joy of the present moment. Fear can be crippling, or it can be conquered.  Today we are here to discuss the conquering of it.  When your soul is free from fear it takes wing toward the life you desire.

There are many reasons people are fearful.  In contemplating the release of the burden of fear, I chose three aspects with create a great deal of fear and anxiety and fear in  many.  These areas are as follows:  the fear of losing control of a situation and/or it’s outcome, the fear of change, and the fear of that which we do not understand.

A great deal of fear and anxiety are tied to our inner “control freak”.    We lose focus of the present moment because we too busy living in the “what if” mindset.  By this I mean we are contemplating possible outcomes of a situation that is beyond our control, and fixating on our desire to control it. Many times we focus far to much energy thinking, “what if something bad happens” .  In doing so, not only are we completely crushing the potential joy of our now moment, but we are living with the pain of something which may not occur at all.

To remedy this, I suggest  making it a practice to let go of your inner “control freak”.  There will always be situations beyond your control.  However, though you cannot control your circumstances, you can control your reaction and your outlook.  I suggest surrendering the outcome of the situation to a higher power, or simply stepping away from the situation for a moment.  Separate from circumstance, realize that you do not have control of the situation, then let go of it.  Do not let it occupy your thoughts any longer.  Hope for the best outcome, pray for it if you would like, and move forward fearlessly.

The second outlet of fear that I wish to address, is the fear of change.  Many of us are tied to routine and comfort and our lives.  While a certain amount of routine and comfort are pleasant, we must understand that life is constantly in a state of flux.  Things will change, grow and evolve.  We can either embrace this as a truth, or try to deny it and live fearfully.

I think a major stumbling block for many is their outlook on change.  If we view change as something that is scary and undesirable, we will make ourselves miserable.  However, if we look forward with wide eyes, and see change as an opportunity to better ourselves, we open so many doors.  Change gives us the chance to grow.  We do not grow in a stagnant environment.  I do my best to see change as a new possibility to seize, and as a chance to mold my life in the way I desire.

The last type of fear I wish to address, is the fear of that which we do not understand.  This can be a very corrosive fear, because this is the type of fear the can turn into judgment, prejudice and hatred.  Look at how much human conflict has been the direct result of individuals choosing to target an idea or person, simply because they did not understand the concept or individual.

Though this type of fear is very dangerous, I also believe it may be the simplest to combat.  My suggestion, is to approach life, and individuals with curiousity.  When you come across something which you do not understand, learn about it. When we learn about one another, our motivations, desires, even our downfalls — we will discover our commonalities.  Through this mindset friendships are forged, and fear is annihilated.

We can reduce so much suffering, in our selves and in the world at large if we move past our fears in a loving and compassionate mindset.  I hope this post has prompted you to examine what in your life may be causing you live with the burden of fear, and to courageously cast that fear aside.   Litany Aganist fear



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