St. Germain ~ 12/12 Huenity Portal


Hello, Brothers and Sisters! I missed you even though I was with you all this time. 

Yesterday, I knew I would be getting a message about today’s Gateway and sure enough, around 6:30 pm an old friend came by to talk to me.

♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥

St. Germain: Welcome back, Rain!

Me: Thank you!

St. G: You know you were never really away, correct?

Me: Yes, I know. Although I felt very disconnected, I know that separation is just an illusion. I went through some very challenging times and experiences over the past year but now I really feel like a whole new person. Everything came up roses for me in the end.

St. G: Of course. That’s what you get for persevering! Golden!

Me: Thank you, Francis. I know there is going to be a lot more to come ~ for me ~ on all that but I also know that that is not what you are here to talk about. 

St. G: Correct. Let us discuss the 12/12 of your 2016.

As we have discussed several times, everybody is on their own unique journey and schedule, so not all of you will experience the same thing at any given time.

our family2

That said, I suggest that the Theme of this Now for many of you is Unity. 

I know what you are thinking, Rain. You are thinking that we have been through several Unity gateways already and you wonder why this appears to be another one.

Well, as you walk your Stairway to Heaven, remember that it is a spiral. Like a spiral staircase. When you come ’round the bend, you catch echoes of “past” and “future” events. Understand that this process we are going through is not a march in lockstep. Humanity does not jump from Point A to Point B en masse, all having achieved the same goals and ready to start preparing to move to Point C. 

Energy does not work like that. Energy flows. Everything is energy so everything flows. Energy and people cannot successfully be herded though a gate like cattle. 

So, what we find on our spiral staircase are recurrences of many events like themes for gateways and the healing of wounds that we thought were long healed. Or the letting go of attachments or emotional baggage that we thought we had already released. This happens because, as we reach higher vibratory states of Being, we are able to perceive all things in new and deeper ways. Imagine re-reading one of your favorite books over the years ~ do you not perceive the story and the writing differently as you grow? Do you not notice things you did not notice when you read the book before? The words in the book do not change, but you have.

A Unity Portal may seem like old news, but it is not. Consider, for example, that there is a whole new group of Huemans who are ready to embrace Unity Consciousness. 

(Yes, you do know some of them.)

Furthermore, those of you who have been experiencing Unity Consciousness for varying amounts of time will now experience a deeper connection, not only to each other, but to other Beings as well.

Some of you will also find yourselves in contact with new Beings, some of whom you have heard and some you’ve never even imagined!

These Beings have always been around you but now that you are operating at higher frequencies, you will be more aware of them. Provided you allow this, of course. Embrace, allow, and give permission to new experiences and new contact. 

Take some time to reach out and strengthen these new connections and you will see what I mean. Go within, for your Heart will tell you how to proceed. Intend and it shall be so.

This Now is about other things as well. There are billions of you on Mother Earth and this is not a One Size Fits All mission or process. 

I know, for example, that you have been seeing and discussing Golden Energy again. More Huemans are creating more Golden Energy than ever before. Some are not even aware that they are doing this!

Do you know how exciting this is? For me, especially! Yes, my legacy is Golden Energy. I always intended and I always knew that Humanity would master Alchemy, just like I did. To see it happening on such a grand scale makes me and indeed All of Us who watch over you very happy. 

~ golden ~

There is not really a word for how I feel in your languages but you can feel in your Heart what I feel in my Heart. Go there and you will know the Joy I find in this.

So, to sum all of that up, I would say that this Gateway is also about Huemanity’s Co-Creative Power. The Abundance of Golden Energy you are all creating is proof that Huemanity has gone beyond baby steps into creating what it needs for itself.  

Tiny Buddha Says...

And yes, I said Abundance. This is a portal of Abundance, too. Golden Energy is the energy of Abundance and clearly Huemanity has embraced Abundance. Not everybody has integrated an understanding of Abundance yet but they will. The energy is there now and that is what matters. 

What else is this Gateway, this Now Moment about? Eh, you tell me! This is Your Story. This is Huemanity’s Story. It’s time for Huemanity ~ for You ~ to take the pen and start filling in the blanks yourselves!

I love you, Rain and I am always by your side. 

Me: I love you too, Francis. Thank you so much. 

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♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥

I hope you all find this message from St. Germain helpful and inspiring. 
I love you and I will meet you on The Bridge.

~ Love, Rain

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