Resilience: Turning Challenges into Moments of Triumph, Joy, and Power

As each of us begins to stand more firmly in our TRUTH and the illusory falls away; we may encounter experiences which we find challenging.

At times it becomes frustrating when we feel circumstance is beyond our control, or we cannot simply fix an unpleasant situation.

One thing to keep in mind is, it is all about perspective.  Do not allow yourself to fall into the victim, or “why me” mind set.  Instead realize that these experiences are a catalyst for growth, and many times great positive change. You have absolute control over how you handle yourself in such situations.

Triumph over challenges by staying centered amid chaos.  I mentioned in a previous post that we all have a place within ourselves that is unshakable.  In challenging moments focus your energy not on the problem, but rather how to use the lessons from this experience in your personal journey to grow.

Let go of attachments as to how you though things should have been.  Focus on the “NOW” and how this now is shaping you.

Finding joy in a challenging situation may seem link a difficult request.  I do not mean that you have to be pleased with the situation, I simply hope you can look outside of the situation and find joy in other facets in your life.  First, focus on the things that are going with ease that  bring you serenity and happiness in your life.  There is always something to be grateful for.  You may need to even separate yourself from the situation for a moment; listen to music, meditate, take a walk, or do whatever makes your heart smile — even if just for a moment.

Finding your power during a challenge is of great worth.  Many times we do not recognize our own strength until we are forced to face situations that we thought would conquer us; yet we come out the other side a new person — a much more strong and resolute person many times.  Not to say that you have to get to your personal breaking point to realize your strength, simply handling daily challenges with patience, fortitude, and grace reflect your inner power.  By using the word “power” I do not mean power in the sense of wielding control over others. I mean gathering your personal courage, and empowering yourself to live a life of vitality and confidence.

I hope that each of you have found my words empowering, and helpful.  I do realize that this is not a blanket solution, and that every problem may not fall under one of the suggestions that I enumerated.  Yet, I hope that you can use this as a starting point when you face a difficult situation.  Remember, it’s all about perspective!  Sending so much love your way…



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