Update and Ascended Master Message for October 24, 2015 ~ Djwhal Kuhl


Happy Saturday, Brothers and Sisters!

I hope you are all enjoying The Now and The New! If you’ve been feeling like you are flying through a portal, it’s because you are!
Sandra Walter describes it here – Unifying the Divine Continuum of Self
and L’Aura Pleiadian here – Intensifying Gamma Rays~Spotlighting your Awareness.

Heart expansion and increased awareness are yours if you simply accept, allow, and go with the flow.
Remember ~ no fear ~ for All is Well.

This is something I posted on Facebook the other day:

Sun moves into Scorpio tomorrow! You know what this means? Well, it’s good for Rain and good for Humanity too! I excite! YAY!
Truths will be revealed, Power will be available, and fantasies and delusions will crumble. Are you ready to step into the integrity of your power and the power of your integrity? Are you ready to walk your talk? If you have the courage, Sun in Scorpio will be the wind beneath your wings.
Welcome Scorpio ~ Welcome Eagle ~ Welcome Phoenix ~ Welcome Rebirth!

Sun did indeed move into Scorpio on October 23rd and I’ve already seen some effects ~ some Truths coming out and some fantasies brought to Light to be dissolved/transmuted with Love. This is a good thing and this will be an interesting and illuminating month, thanks to the power of Scorpio. As I said recently, “Even Lightworkers with the best of intentions have created and promoted distorted beliefs and belief systems.” Those must be transmuted just like everything else that is not Real. If we are open to letting go of anything that is not True, we are truly opening ourselves up to receive so much more because Reality is grander and brings us the kind of existence we all say that we want ~ one of Love, Joy, Peace, and Unity.

(Image Source)

You are Pillars of Light and Light is information. Light is Truth. As you reach higher levels of consciousness, you will receive higher frequencies of Light to be grounded and anchored through your vessel. This Light will also be transmitted to Humanity. Any distortions will act as blocks until they are dissolved. Embrace this dissolution of untruths and distortions for it will truly set you and your brothers and sisters free.

All we have to do is let go of the old as we focus on co-creating The New. The message below, which I just received, discusses this. Thank you, Djwhal Kuhl! What shall we co-create today? Think Bigger! Think Grander! Think 5D! Think outside of the box ~ no more boxes, remember? No rules! Use your imagination and filter your ideas through the Love in your Heart and you will see that there are no limits to what we can make together. 

Time to Fly, My Family of One!
This is a time of magic and miracles.
Let’s make magic and miracles together, today!
My Heart is filled with Love for you and I embrace this time joyfully and fearlessly.
I will see you on The Bridge!
~ Love, Rain

♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥

Life is Good

DJWHAL KUHL ~ the Tibetan Master, Teacher and Guide and worker on the 2nd Ray of Love and Wisdom brings you this message ~

Card Theme: Co-Create Your Own Reality

The lessons you meet and the blockages in your way are all devised and put there by you in order to learn that which you have decided you need to learn or experience in this lifetime. So see those lessons clearly: learn them, know them and dismiss them, for you need do no more than this.

Your life is your destiny to determine in whatever way you choose ~ and exactly how you live and manage it is in your hands and no others. You can choose positivity, health, success and happiness and all these things will be yours. Become aware of your own power and Divinity, for you are truly a part of the Cosmic Hierarchy yourself, and as much a Co-Creator with God as any other Being in existence.

I would place an emerald in your heart. See its brilliance shine out to the world and fill your very soul, your Inner Being with light, love and harmony. I am here to guide your learning and direct you towards self-realisation, and to help you see what needs to be done when the way forward is unclear.

Call on me or visit me in my Ashram, whichever you prefer. I am always here for you.

Text Source: Inner Light-Workers

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