The Importance of Self Expression: Part 2 — Telling YOUR Story Through Art

We have each experienced a unique journey in life, and each of us has a story that can only be told from our perspective.

I believe it is important to share our stories through creative expression.  Share your story with whomever you feel comfortable with.  However, if you don’t feel comfortable sharing, simply expressing yourself in some manner; whether it be a painting, a journal, or various other mediums, is integral to letting go of pain and attachments.

First, you may want to consider what it is exactly that you want you message to others to be.  Even if your journey has not been easy, you can convey your message in such a way that uplifts others, or shows them that they are not alone.

For example:  My life’s journey has not been the easiest, but I have accepted the pain as an integral part of my journey and my story.  It helps to me relate to others.  I choose to express my story as one of victory and conquest over strife, instead of being held captive by the past.

Don’t let the past bind you.  You can choose to be a victim of your life’s struggles, or you can choose to be a victor, step into your power and help others along they way.

After you have some vague idea — or maybe you have a concrete idea, of what your message is; start creating.  Remember, you are a creator by nature.  Be industrious.  Do not try to emulate anyone else.  Look to others for examples, sure, but as I mentioned previously this is YOUR story, and only you can tell it.

Make set some space aside every day for some for of creative expression. Whatever you choose.  Jot down ideas when they come to you, and develop them when you have a moment to.  When you feel like you are out of ideas, or don’t feel content with what you are creating.  Stop.

The expression of your story need not be chronological or in exact detail.  I know mine hasn’t been.  Allow it to be abstract, quirky, or precise… whatever you YOU feel is the best for you.

As I mentioned in my prior post.  We all have a story burning in our soul, and NOW is the time to set that story aflame,

As always, so much love from me to you.


Dress aflame

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