Gateway ~ Open!

All One

If you’ve been following the Lightworker posts/articles that we share on Facebook every day (, then you know that September is living up to its promise of being a game-changing time. I encourage you to check out our page and take a closer look at the posts that resonate with you.

Last evening, I shared this on my Facebook profile ~

Today while I was meditating, I had a vision ~ Sanat Kumara showed me a gate. I mean, he literally showed me the gate on the fence in my yard. Up close and personal. There was no doubt that we were talking about a gateway here. LOL I appreciate the very literal nature of the things I have been shown lately because the meanings are quite clear!

The Gateway and My Gateway are indeed open and thank you, Sanat! All is well and I am honored and joyful to be a part of this amazing adventure. See you on the other side ~ I will save you a seat on The Bridge!


I also added this photo of Auggie Doggie and Angus Puppy with this comment: “A pic of Auggie and Angus. Both of them have shown me the way to various portals and such. LOL I guess you could say I might not be HERE without them.” The text on the photo came from here:

We stand at the gates between the worlds...

We are experiencing an Eclipse/Equinox/Blood Moon Gateway and Wave X is affecting all in its wake. Fran Zepeda describes what is happening beautifully in her latest post. You can read her inspiring and empowering post here: ‘Grace Under Pressure’ ~ by Fran Zepeda ~ September 21, 2015.

As some others have noted, we cannot expect everything to change on September 28, although many people are pointing to this as an important date. After all, time is an illusion and we know that having expectations is not the way to go. It’s better to be open to all possibilities and focus on what is within and then let miracles unfold around us. We are not in control of what happens when, especially when it comes to other people.

As an example, many are using the phrase, “First Wave of Ascension.” Well, if you haven’t figured this out by now, most or all of you reading this have already ascended to 5D or the New Earth. For some of you, it happened quite a while ago. You are the Pillars of Light who have been supporting The Bridge to Freedom for your fellow humans. You are a multi-dimensional Being and you have been journeying back and forth between two “realities” for a while now. You’re a Wayshower and a Pioneer, remember? You’re the Trailblazers and you’ve been blazing that trail for the rest to follow when they are ready. Congratulations and Thank You! Fabulous job!

bridge 1c

Just two weeks ago or so, I was at the ascension of a fairly large group of people. I don’t know how many exactly because I experienced it in a dream. I dreamed that I was in England, suddenly finding myself there after getting lost in Australia. I ended up on what appeared to be a stone bridge with a lot of people. It was kind of like we were at a concert and the people were goofing around and just generally enjoying themselves. So I stood up and yelled, “Stairway to Heaven!” (I did not yell “Freebird!” but in retrospect that probably would have had the same effect.)

When I yelled that, everybody disappeared except me and four men who my brain interpreted as security guards at this impromptu “concert.” No, there was no band. LOL. The four men, who were actually Angels/Gatekeepers, laughed and stayed at their posts. I know this meant that, while they thought that what I did (whatever I really did, I guess) was funny or unusual, they were happy about it.

It’s nice to know that I have found my own way of doing things and that it “works.” We should all be proud of our unique approach and perspective because that is why we are here ~ to co-create by being ourselves (by being who we are) and by being brave enough to step into the unknown and DO OUR THING! It is our willingness to shine our own individual Light and play our own notes that brings this orchestra together in such a powerful and illuminating way.

Everything is unfolding magnificently and The Divine Plan continues to guide us even as it changes in each moment. Hang on to the one expectation that it is safe to have ~ whatever happens will be for the highest good of all. Yes, more and more people will ascend. Yes, changes will become more and more evident as time passes. And, there is nothing to be afraid of, ever.

... let it be ...

And what should you do? That is really a question that only you can answer but I can tell you where to find the answer: The Kingdom of Heaven is within.

Answers cannot be found in The Illusion. Look to what is Real.

Only Love is Real.

Necklace 1b

Carry on being Your Brilliant Self. You shine like a Diamond in the Sun. I am honored by your Service and I Love You.

~ Rain

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