Ascended Master Message For September 21, 2015 ~ St. Germain

st. germain 2b

Happy Monday, Brothers and Sisters!

I’ve shared this message before but I know it is the right message for this Now Moment because I’ve received it three times in the past few days. Hahaha ~ no matter how many times I pick a card, St. Germain is right there saying, “Um, Rain. It’s me again. Still here. You can pick all the cards you want but it won’t make any difference.”

Oh, Francis. You so funny! No, really.

Blessings to you all in these amazing moments.
Ride the waves as gracefully and gratefully as you can.
Remember who you are.
Remember why you are here.

You cannot fail.
All is well.
Miracles abound and magic is afoot.
You are loved.

I love you and I will meet you on The Bridge, always.
Love, Rain

♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥    


St. Germain, Bridge to the Higher Rays and Keeper of the Violet Flame,
has this message for you ~

Card Theme: Remembrance

You are as my beloved Amethyst, and it is to you now that I give the gem that bears this name.

Hold it in your hand and look deep within its bounds to the Violet Flame within burning at its heart. Feel the Light and warmth emanating through its surface, and become aware of the power and intensity of the Flame within. For it is this Flame that will bring you your freedom, and in turn your teaching to others about how the Flame has helped you that will bring them theirs.

This gift is given by Divine Decree and is for you to use to quicken your growth and transformation at this time of vital importance for the Planet and the world in which you live. Let its violet Light remind you of your task, and awaken you fully so that you remember your place within the Legions of Light and with the Enlightened Ones.

Place the gem now within your heart center, that it may help cleanse and release you of all burdens that prevent you from realizing yourself to be a True son or daughter of God. Prepare to recall now the plans you made to help the Earth and humanity, and to help prepare them for their Ascension all those ages ago. Bring them back into your life and your reality, so that they become a part of you once more as you shine in the Light.

May the Light and Love of God go with you, and the Flame of Freedom burn always in your heart.

Text source: Inner Light-Workers

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