Are You Playing The Game Or Is The Game Playing You?

Tiny Buddha says...

September certainly seems to be living up to its promise ~ it’s been a wild ride so far! Personally, I am LOVING it!

One thing that is happening all around us is this ~ people are detaching from things they once felt were important and this is a huge shift. After all, energy flows where attention goes.

Letting go of attachments is a big part of achieving Mastery and transcending duality. In other words, it is a big part of ascending to a higher level of consciousness. In the earlier parts of our journey, this is harder to do because the concept can seem selfish, irresponsible, unkind, or scary, etc. It’s one of those things that you have to make some progress on before you can actually grasp what it really means and and how important and helpful it is.

We can be attached to many things in our Reality Matrix (The Illusion) ~ people, ideas, belief systems, objects, outcomes, etc. Attachments are problematic primarily because they are emotional and most emotions are of a low vibration compared to the high vibrational state of unconditional Love. When you are attached to things, it keeps you in a lower vibrational state. It keeps you focused on the outer. It keeps you focused on things that are not even Real and that only exist in The Illusion.

Peace comes from within...

What we are striving for is a neutral state of observance and acceptance. This means that no matter what appears to be happening around us, we do not react with lower vibrational emotions like fear and anger. After all, what does reacting emotionally accomplish? It only distracts us from what is Real and wastes our energy on things that are not.

Let’s look at an example. Let’s say there’s a war going on and people are being hurt.

Is there? Is there really a war going on? No, there is not. It looks like there is a war going on somewhere but that’s not really true. This is simply part of the game that is taking place here in the Illusion. It’s not a War ~ it’s War Games. The people who are playing in the War Games chose to have that experience. It may seem horrifying and we might wonder why somebody would choose to have an experience like that but understand that you have probably done the same thing at some time in your past.

Why would any of us choose to be part of a war or to be a victim of a violent crime or to be the perpetrator of a violent crime? Why would any of us choose to suffer or cause suffering? Well, again, it’s a game. If that term does not sound serious enough for you, you can think of it as a Learning Experience, which is exactly what it is. We come into The Illusion by plugging our consciousness into a body hologram and then we play the game or engage in different Learning Experiences that we have chosen for various reasons.

Why would we choose what looks like unpleasant or even horrific experiences?

Well, for one thing, they’re not real. We are just playing a part, a role. All the world is indeed a stage. It might feel like you are suffering, but you’re not. Not really. Just like you can’t really be hurt or die. Just like you can’t really hurt or kill somebody else.

Another reason is just as stated ~ to have a learning experience. We come here to experience duality/polarity. In our true existence, only Love is Real. It is not possible to have lower vibrational emotions because we exist at such a high frequency. It is also not possible to feel separate from Source or God. There is no fear and no darkness. It’s a wonderful existence. Our goal is always to evolve spiritually but it’s a slower process if we can’t learn by having experiences that allow us to compare and appreciate what Love is and is not.

Think of it this way ~ how can you truly appreciate a sunny day if you have never experienced a dark night or a rainy afternoon? If all you ever had were sunny days, would you really appreciate them or would you take them for granted? Would you even know what it meant to experience a sunny day if that was all you ever got? You would end up living day after day in a beautiful, sunny environment without truly being able to appreciate that aspect of your life and to understand everything that it can mean.

Morbid Manor

We choose experiences that we can not have elsewhere when we come here. Do you want to experience the lower vibrational (emotional) versions of happiness, love, and joy? Come to Earth! Do you want to experience the lower vibrational states of fear, hatred, and anger? Come to Earth! DualityLand! PolarityVille! Where Light meets Dark and there are 50 Shades of Gray! Hahaha, it’s like a fabulous theme park once you understand it!

Before we incarnate here, we develop blueprints and make agreements with others to engage in various experiences. We do not know everything that is going to happen because we have free will to make choices within our blueprints. For example, you may plan that you will go to college but not necessarily know where. You may plan to get married and have children but not know when or how many children you will end up having. You also plan for several exit points ~ what looks like death. Of course, there is no such thing as death but you make plans for several possible shifts that will allow you to exit The Illusion and return to your higher vibrational existence.

And, you almost certainly chose to encounter some difficulties during your incarnation here because this is the only place where you could experience them. Some examples are mental illness, cancer, addiction, abuse, and poverty. Conversely, some Souls have chosen to play wealthy, famous, physically healthy people. Some Souls chose to be the bad guy or The Villain. Maybe they chose to be an abuser or criminal or drug dealer or a pompous, wealthy, selfish banker. There are countless roles and choices available to us!

And, when you stop and give the whole notion some thought and feel it out with your Heart, it’s easy to see how rich and varied the learning experiences can be. Maybe you’re learning what it feels like to be hurt, abandoned, or hopeless. Maybe you’re learning what it feels like to hurt people or to feel like you are better or more important than other people. The list is endless and you would not know what any of these things feel like unless you chose to come here and face challenges and difficult experiences.

Another aspect of all this is that our experiences also allow other people to learn. For example, let’s say that somebody has chosen to experience a serious illness like cancer. This means that everybody who is a part of their life can learn what it is like to care about somebody who is seriously ill. As another example ~ the aforementioned war. When we live in a place where people fight wars, this gives almost everybody on the planet a chance to learn how they feel about war. In the case of the illusory Galactic Wars, it gave Beings on multiple planets a chance to learn how they feel about war.

Of course, all of this is changing for those of us moving into 5D. And that is why it is so important to understand The Illusion and the game that Humanity has been playing. If you are struggling to move forward gracefully, it is very likely that you are strongly attached to something or more than one thing in The Illusion.


A good example here is this: many people are “stuck” on the Conspiracy Level of Awakening. If you still believe that there are dark forces like Archons or the Illuminati or whoever controlling Humanity or somehow keeping us down, it’s time to move on from that belief system. It may look like there are sinister Beings pulling Humanity’s puppet strings, but that is all just part of The Illusion. It’s an intriguing arena in the Game but it’s still just part of the Game. It’s something we all agreed to participate in or allow. It’s within the rules, so to speak.

And, it’s only a problem if it is keeping you from moving forward. If you are focused on this part of The Game, then it means that you are looking to the outer rather than within. You can blame other Beings for holding Humanity back and point all the fingers you want but the only thing you are accomplishing is distracting yourself from making progress. In Truth, there are no bad guys and nobody is controlling you except yourself.

The Kingdom of Heaven is within and we do not arrive there by waiting for the cabal to be brought to justice or whatever the latest popular notion is. We arrive at The Kingdom of Heaven by letting go of everything that appears to be going on around us, moving into our Hearts, and raising our Awareness, our Consciousness, and our Vibration. We arrive at the Kingdom of Heaven by choosing Love, not blaming other Love Beings disguised as villains who are just helping us to learn and grow by playing the parts we asked them to play.

divine planb

Once a person awakens, part of their journey will be to detach from illusory things that they do not enjoy. It can be no other way as this is a natural part of raising our consciousness. Some things can be let go of quite easily and others, like jobs or relationships, may take longer to work through. Here are some helpful notes related to becoming a detached, neutral observer.

♥ We choose our own experiences. Take responsibility.

♥ The Divine Plan works to ensure the highest and best outcome for all.

♥ There is no blame, judgment, or punishment for things that we do in The Illusion. Karma is part of The Illusion. Everything that happens here is agreed upon and within the “Rules of The Game.”  If this were not the case, whatever happened would not have existed as a possibility in the first place. For example, suicide exists as a possibility and some people choose to have this experience. They are not judged or punished for choosing to have this experience.

♥ We should respect other people’s journeys. We should remember that they, too, choose their own experiences and we should have faith that they know what they are doing. We should respect their choices and we should let them experience whatever they have chosen, no matter how it looks to us. We can help and we can have compassion but we should not allow ourselves to be caught up in the emotional turmoil of others. Our energy is much better spent focusing on our own journey rather than somebody else’s.

♥ The best way to help people is by ascending to higher levels of consciousness. When we do this ~ when we raise our vibration to higher states ~ we raise the vibration of everything and everyone around us as well. By showing the way and by raising the vibration, we help others to liberate themselves. You cannot “fix” The Illusion but you can help people break free of it if they have chosen to move in that direction.

♥ Avoid judgment.  Everybody on this planet and even off this planet is a Love Being in costume. If you choose to judge them or their behavior in this Illusion, you are not choosing Love, you are choosing to distract yourself by focusing on the outer.

♥ Behind every mask, disguise, costume, and villain is a Love Being. Just like you. In fact, it is You. We are One. What’s it like to see yourself mirrored this way? This is a Learning Experience for all. Remember that the next time you feel like pointing fingers. Replace judgment with Compassion ~ for yourself and all the other Yous out there.

♥ All of these reminders apply even when it comes to our mission of helping Humanity move into 5D. For example, generally speaking, we can not know what somebody else’s Mission or Divine Role is but there are people here who are choosing to stay in roles that keep them at lower levels of awareness so that they can act as Bridgers for the newly awakened and other people at different places on the Path. Rather than judge or focus too much on what other people are doing, we should respect and honor these Beings for who they really are and we should be grateful for their service because they are helping many people.


♥ Be Grateful that you are getting what you asked for. This is an amazing experience! Grab some cotton candy and then get back on that Roller Coaster! No hands and no fear! BOOYAH!

♥ ♥ ♥


Thank you for playing your part!
I can’t say that I have enjoyed every moment but in retrospect, I truly appreciate every moment.
And, I do love a good farce ~ the Divine Comedy was absurdly sublime.
I honor you and your Service and I Love You!
Wrap Party on The Bridge!
Unmasking to be followed by roses and champagne.
I will meet you there, always.

Love, Rain

3 thoughts on “Are You Playing The Game Or Is The Game Playing You?”

  1. I am in complete agreement with this discourse. I am a human becoming, help me to become. Welcome to the winning side. We manifest and become!.

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