Partial Solar Eclipse ~ Shedding Our Skins

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There was a partial solar eclipse earlier today, starting around 12:40 am Eastern. According to Celia Fenn, “A Partial Solar Eclipse in Virgo allows for anchoring of new Solar Light Codes of the Divine Feminine.  With the incoming Frequencies of Luminosity, we can expect that the radiant Magenta Rose Ray of the Divine Feminine will be part of the new codes for the New Earth.” Others are talking about the Divine Masculine coming through at this time. I feel it is about balanced harmonics for many of us ~ balancing the masculine and feminine energies in our Beings. And, we cannot achieve that balance unless we have shed enough dross!

I experienced those incoming energies intensely yesterday. Yesterday it also rained almost all day where I live. After experiencing a drought for most of the summer, we’ve had extremely heavy rain for two of the past three days.

Rain Drops

What the rains and the eclipse mean to me is this: purification. While I hesitate to use that word, it is accurate if we agree that it means releasing everything that is not our Authentic Self. It’s about our Return to Innocence ~ returning to who we really are and who we were before we picked up all the 3D stuff that we’ve been exposed to since our births here. I don’t mean to make that sound negative. We came here to have a Human experience and that is a wonderful thing! All I’m saying is that, for most of us, having a Human experience also means we pick up a lot of stuff along the way that hides who we really are, like fears, lower vibrational emotions, behaviors, personality traits, etc. Experiencing those is part of being Human but now that we (many of us) are ready to move on to our next adventure, we are working to let go of all that unnecessary stuff. We find ourselves shedding our human skins, so to speak. We are “purifying” ourselves by releasing all that is not Real. All that is not Love.

The post I shared yesterday was synchronous with this theme as well: Ascended Master Message For September 12, 2015 ~ Master Paul.

If my post resonates with you, then you have probably let go of many, many things that no longer serve you by now. However, this weekend you may have found yourself feeling a little uncomfortable but not sure why. Yes, when incoming energies are strong, a lot of people feel them intensely and may experience some discomfort, physical or otherwise. Sometimes when we are feeling this way we forget to ask ourselves what the energies are showing us about our lives and our Being. If you go within and then take a good look, you will usually see that they are highlighting something about your life or Being that needs to be addressed as you move forward.


Right now, you may be feeling uncomfortable because you are hanging on to something that you need to let go of. I can’t tell you what it is, only you can do that. Only you know what you can take with you on your journey and what you need to drop where you stand.

This is what I let go of today: my old Facebook page. It’s something I have wanted to do for a while but I always put it off because creating a new page seemed like too much work. This morning when I woke up, pretty much the first thing I did was create a new profile and now I feel liberated! I feel I am in alignment with my Self and my goals.

It may seem like a small thing but here’s some background info to explain why this is important for me and which I hope you find to be a helpful example. If you know me, then you know I spend a lot of time on Facebook. It’s a fun and entertaining place for me. I enjoy it and it is also part of my Role as a Lightworker ~ to share information daily on The Bridge To Freedom Crew’s page/group. Being on Facebook is also how I connect with my friends every day.  It’s a place to connect with my Soul Family and people all over the planet. There is a lot of energy flowing through Facebook.

I’ve been on Facebook since 2009. When I created my first account, my Facebook name was Haunted Rain. I “awoke” in 2012 and shortly after that I changed my name to Rain Love. Then some time after that, Facebook suspended my account because, they said, I was not using my real name. So I had to change my name to get my account reinstated. I picked the name Dorothy Parker, a fairly well-known and perhaps infamous writer. As a side note ~ I never wanted to use my full given Earth name on Facebook or anywhere else on the internet for privacy and safety reasons. For example, I did not want my employers looking me up. As far as I was concerned, when I was not on duty, whatever I was doing with my free time was not my employers’ business. And, my Facebook account had nothing to do with my job.

Anyway, naturally people, especially new friends, started calling me Dorothy because they thought that was my name. I never enjoyed that because, from my perspective, Dorothy Parker was a different person. My name is Rain. Or Rain Love. After some time, being called Dorothy became a reminder that there are old identities floating around out there that no longer serve me.

This video ( by my friend, Andrew Martin, is related to what I am talking about. And thank you, Andrew! Watching this last night was very synchronous for me. LOL ~ shocking…


San Antonio1b

When I was born, my Earth parents named me Linda. I am used to being called that, of course, but Linda is not really my name, either. And Linda, who has been through countless varied experiences here on Earth in 52 years, is not really me anymore. My name is Rain. Rain Love was “born” in 2012. Re-born several times since but that is still the name I choose to refer to myself. No, it doesn’t matter what other people call me. I mean, there are people out there who call me all sorts of things! Hahaha. What matters is how I see myself. And I see myself as a Unique Spark of the One Divine Flame who is called Rain, with Love. Rain Love. Rain who is also Love.

Back to my old Facebook page ~ since I created it in 2009, there is a lot of old stuff on there that has nothing to do with who I am now  ~ which is to say, who I really AM. As I embrace my Authentic Self more and more, going to Facebook every day and seeing a bunch of old things that I now know are not even Real became distracting and even annoying. It was a drain on my energy sometimes. Like carrying around an old suitcase full of comic books or something. Carrying around something like that would just be a waste of my energy. Old comic books may be valuable to somebody else but to me they are nothing. Better to let them go and be done with it rather than have my attention drawn to “nothing” over and over. Why would I give my energy to something that is not even Real if I do not enjoy it?

Some times on Facebook, a new or old friend would like one of my pictures or something else on my profile that I had forgotten about long ago. Them “liking” it would make it appear on my feed and I would be like, “What? Are you kidding me? Jeez, I totally forgot about that. That has nothing to do with who I AM, yet there it still is on my page!” It might seem unimportant but to me it was important because it would remind me that I was still carrying around, on the platform where I choose to spend most of my time, a bunch of stuff and things that are not me. Not anymore.

I’m not ashamed of those things. I don’t regret anything in my past. With every day that goes by, I can see more and more clearly why the things that happened, happened and why I did the things that I did. BUT, I do not carry those things around with me because I’ve chosen to fly. And I can’t fly if I am not in the Present Moment of Now or if I am giving even part of my energy to things “of the past” that are not even Real. They’re not good things or bad things, they are just not Real and they are not important to me now. They’re not the Real Me, who I AM.

9 2 15 4b

So, like the snake who represents Enlightenment and who sheds its skin on a regular basis for various reasons, including the removal of parasites, I choose to shed myself of some old parts of my identity that no longer serve me. Those parts eclipsed the real me, keeping me from shining as brightly as I can.

♥ ♥ ♥

You can friend my on my shiny new Facebook page here. I look forward to seeing you there!

Happy Post-Eclipse and here is to you shedding whatever you feel it is time to let go of.
You can drop it where you are or you can leave it on The Bridge
but if it’s not Love, it’s not going where we are going!

~ Love, Rain

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