Come as You Are… and CELEBRATE Life


Now is the moment to drop all your baggage at the door… as Walt Whitman says “all that insults your soul…”  well just drop that at the entrance, and emerge as you TRUE self.

I, like many of you, have been going through many shifts recently.  Letting go of what weighs down your heart can be a tumultuous process.  It may force you to face things that are painful. It may even cause you physical pain… however, TRUST me when I say that the freedom that come from tossing aside the things that have pulled your heart under the waves is one of the most worthy processes you can experience.  The path to bliss may be briary… but every thorn has it’s worth in that it has made me appreciate the DAWN of my soul with more gratitude. The light fills my spirit like a sunrise with rippling rays for love and appreciation.

Now my heart feels buoyant and free… my mind is at peace… and my soul shines.

So what to do next?  Well the choice is yours,  but for me.. I am going to celebrate LIFE:  the essence of everything.  I am going to embrace every moment of beauty that surrounds me.  In fact… that is what I am doing NOW… celebrating in my soul.  Enjoying the feeling that comes from a wonderful song both in my ears, and in my heart.  I am celebrating myself, and I am celebrating all the gorgeous souls I have, and will continue to encounter.

I hope that THIS moment is one where you can embrace your grace, and radiate your joy.  May your heart mend and  your soul spark.  I love you all from the bottom of my happy heart.

In love and grace,

Amanda 🙂

(Image Source:  Josephine Wall, Presence of Gaia

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