9/9 Portal, New Earth and Other Realities

Purple Flowers

September 9th brings us the 9/9 Portal. Nine is a number of completion. It can signify the completion of an era or project. Nine also signifies unity and higher consciousness.

While I was meditating I asked what this portal is about and I was shown three visions. One, a vase of beautiful flowers. That was a response to my expressing my Gratitude to my guides. Of course, it also reminded me of this recent Gaiaportal post: The Bouquet is ready for presentation.

When I asked what this portal is about I was given a vision of people dancing. That told me this is a time for celebration, which is exactly what I have been feeling myself lately. Interestingly, I could only see shoes, legs and pants/dresses and I got the message that the people were square dancing or line dancing. I feel this means we are coming into greater Unity and more people will be experiencing Unity Consciousness.

Well, either that or we’ve all decided to turn this whole experiment into a musical. I hope it’s a good one.

Finally, I asked for more visions or messages about the 9/9 and I saw a scene from a TV show I used to watch, Judging Amy, where a woman gives birth in a pool. This vision is about us, as individuals and a collective, experiencing a Re-Birth at this time. It also means that Gaia is doing the same. As I wrote on my Facebook page, “Happy Labor Day! Enjoy your Re-Birth!”

Celebrate! Those of you who resonate with this message know that this is indeed a time to celebrate as you have recently felt Reborn or are going through your latest Re-Birth right now. All is as it should be and you will feel even greater Love and support (as well as increased synchronicity and more clear guidance) due to your higher levels of awareness and consciousness and your increasing participation in The Flow of Unity Consciousness.

I congratulate you and I am truly in awe of your perseverance and blinded by your Light! Another quote from my Facebook page:

Sunrise 5

“Just saw the word DAWN.
FABU. And it reminded me that I wanted to say I AM grateful to you ALL. It is because we are One and because we are always working together that we are graced with a New Dawn ~ a new beginning, a new Huemanity.

♥ ♥ ♥

I also feel that this time and this portal are about the initial stages of us moving toward new, seemingly separate Realities as humans and Huemans. As stated above, nine is a number of completion. It can signify the completion of an era or project.

I was talking to Eddie and when I typed “9/9” it really struck me as an important visual clue to what is going on right now. It also reminded me of this image, which I have used on my blog before, and which looks a lot like a vision I have had over and over since I “woke up” in April, 2012.
ecd3c-overlapIt’s a vision of two planets, or rather, Earth becoming two planets ~ a new one slowly separating itself from the old one, similar to mitosis or cells dividing. This could be described as Gaia giving birth to New Gaia.


What’s happening is that people have all made their choice by now. Some people want to continue in the 3D or old Earth experiment longer. Other Beings also want to experience the “old” Earth “Reality” and have not had a chance to do so yet. While there are countless “Reality Matrices” in Creation, Earth’s is truly unique in that it gives Souls a chance to experience separation from Source and Oneness in an environment where fear and lower vibrational emotions are pretty much a way of life.

Some Beings enjoy their experiences here a great deal. They and others feel that they have learned a lot by being here and they have experienced tremendous spiritual growth through living on the other side of the veil from Source Reality. Because others are aware of this through our connection as One, some of them want to have a 3D Earth experience for themselves, too.

The Experiment will change a bit. I don’t know what it will look like exactly, but it will be “smaller.” In other words, there will be more focus on Earth as opposed to Earth being part of a Universe with other planets, etc. This will make things simpler and also foster a greater sense or illusion of separation from Source.

Love Mirror

None of these are “negative” or “bad” things. And, as always, the plan is to ensure the highest and best outcome for all. We all desire to assist Souls in choosing experiences that will help them learn and grow and therefore all of us to learn and grow ~ in Love. Love is never lost and is, in fact, constantly expanding. The sorts of experiences we have had on Earth have created so much Love and such a deep understanding and appreciation of Love as a State of Being that all of Creation has remarked upon it.

As for those of us who chose to ascend/move into 5D or even higher ~ we have succeeded in elevating the energies to a frequency that makes it increasingly difficult for lower vibrational energies, emotions, entities, etc., to continue to exist in the same place with us for much longer. The frequency range of our new Reality Matrix will be narrowed and defined more clearly soon, for the benefit of all.

This is all wonderful news. As always, do not expect things to change overnight. You might change in the blink of an eye but not everything else will. Enjoy the ride, enjoy the show, and look for more Pillars of Light as they start to appear around you.

Brass Ring

♥ ♥ ♥

I Love You and I thank you for holding the Light!
Keep on shining!

~ Rain

4 thoughts on “9/9 Portal, New Earth and Other Realities”

  1. I had the same vision after awakening in 2013. Earth, and then a pink golden earth. Side by side, similar to two spheres forming in the “egg of life”.

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