Erasing Limiting Belief Structures

Many times, we rob ourselves of abundance, self-love, and joy due to the limiting beliefs we have ingrained in ourselves.  These belief structures affect our all facets of our lives, and many times we are not even aware of what degree these inhibiting beliefs have us boxed in.  We go about our day to day lives in such a manner that causes us to feel trapped, or unworthy of better.  Sometimes people get caught up in thinking that if they improve something of themselves — then and only then will they be worthy of abundance, self-love, and joy.

Well… it’s time to change all of this!

A prime example of a limiting belief, is that you are not worthy.  Your self worth dictates how much you allow yourself to feel confident and experience self-love.  It also affects how you interact with others and can detrimentally affect relationships, because you may feel that you are not worthy of another’s attention or affection.  It’s hard to appreciate or even realize the abundance in your life if you do not feel worthy of it.  As you can see, this false belief can hinder you in many ways… and completely steal your joy an happiness.

So, let me be the first to tell you, if another hasn’t today… or to simply remind you…  YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH — AND YOU ARE WORTHY OF LOVE AND JOY!!!  You don’t have to change a single thing about who you are.  Your worth is not dependent upon how you look, how many material things you possess, or what anyone else’s opinion of you is.  If there is something about yourself that you aren’t happy with, you have the freedom to change.  However, in this very moment despite all of your perceived flaws, you are worthy of love… especially your own.

Learning to love yourself can be difficult.  It has been for me.  Many of us create an image of your ideal self in our minds, and we think that until we fit into this mold we are not worthy of self love, or affection from others.  It is time to break that mold… crush it, destroy it.  The little quirks that make you who you are, your “imperfections’ or challenges — these are a big factor in who you are, don’t try to eradicate them. YOU are a mixture of your proudest moments and your biggest flaws… it is how these all fall in place that make you all the more beautiful and rare.

Another limiting belief that I would like to discuss, is the belief that you are stuck.  That you are doomed to live in your current situation, and that you have no possibility to live the type of life you desire.  THIS TOO IS FALSE!

One way, in my personal experience, that has helped me live the type of life I desire, is to start by appreciating the things that you already have.  What about your current situation do you enjoy or love. Finding joy in the NOW is important and will propel you forward.  You don’t always have to move in leaps an bounds, moment by moment and step by step will get you there effectively as well.  Start envisioning what you want out of life.  Make a list if you would like.  Focus on how you will feel when you reach each of these life goals and envision yourself having accomplished them.  Then… start planning. Do a bit of research. Give yourself ample time to meet your expectations, and if things don’t work out the way you planned, at least you will know that you gave it your best. In fact, many times I have stumbled upon something better than I had even hoped for along the way, and you may as well.  Don’t let yourself get discouraged.  You are not stuck.

Take some time to consider what beliefs that you hold personally that may be holding you back from experiencing abundance, self-love or joy.  Examine how you would feel if you no longer held this belief. Try replacing it with a more open and affirming idea.  Ideas are great because they are malleable and evolve over time.  Beliefs on the other hand, tend to be more rigid and binding.  Remember, nothing is written in stone.

I hope you live your life as an ever evolving work of art. I hope you love yourself to the core, and abundantly find joy around every corner.  So much love to each of you!


(Image by Julie Fletcher…  check out her photos, they are AMAZING)


3 thoughts on “Erasing Limiting Belief Structures”

  1. Hi! 🙂
    The things you say are so true…
    But can I ask you a question?
    What if we know this, we are convinced that we can appreciate all things of our life, and so we go searching sensations, vibes of that higher type in every action we do everyday;
    sometimes we stay well, we are satisfacted, but more often we are frightened. Frightened of not getting enough. Of not feeling how we would.
    I’ve suffered of derealization, now I have it still, but I’m determined to find my way. I want to be happy. But I’m just frightened I’ll continue having dysforic sensations every day.
    So I don’t understand why sometimes I experience wonderful emotions, having chills on the body, feeling on top of the world, staying well and wanting to do what I’m doing, beacause I’m satisfacted;
    but more often I’m confused, I start to doubt of everything I’ve liked, now I don’t like nothing and I hate that I’ve no more the perception of feeling sensations in that beautiful, bright way.
    I have fear that I will lose that, I will never prove that anymore.
    It’s confusing. I tell you it’s so so stressful for me… sounds like bipolar depression, but can you tell me if you have ever had experience of something like this? I read your posts and I know you’re quite aware of things and problems, maybe you can tell me what you’re thinking of this.
    Hope I’m not boring, and that this is understandable, because I’m italian and I’m not quite sure I’ve written well xD

    Thank you,


    1. Actually, this makes sense to me. I actually have bipolor disorder. I don’t mention it in my posts — but it is something that I struggle with. There are times when I feel like I am on top of the world, and other days I don’t even really feel like getting out of bed. I don’t talk about it much, but I do understand.
      What I personally try to do is make the best of each day, and not compare it to others. I think when we compare every day to our best day we are setting ourselves up for disappointment. On the rough days I just do my best to stay as positive as possible, and find enjoyment in as many things as I can. It’s all about finding your own personal balance really. I know that can be a lot more difficult on some days than others though. On your rougher days just do your best. I guess that’s my best advice. Remember that even if you don’t feel like it, that you are worth all the happiness you desire. Try to find happiness in the little things in life and go from there.
      I hope I was able to help you somewhat. Just know that even though I do not have all the answers, that I absolutely understand. Thanks so much for reading my posts. So much love and hugs.

      1. Thank you Amanda, I think it’s all right. Trying to take the best of our days, and letting go bad things … It’s just confusing, but we go…
        thank you, I’m glad you answered me
        Love and big hughs to you too 🙂

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