Ascended Master Message for August 31, 2015 ~ Allah Gobi

Clear your mind...


Master of Stillness and Balance and worker on the 10th Ray of the Lightbody brings you this message:

Card Theme ~ Go Within

Are you still? Are you quiet? Are you centered and balanced?

Settle more deeply into your seat and allow all tensions and thoughts to drain away from you, leaving your physical body calm and empty. Nothing is gained by holding on to things that no longer serve you. These things only burden you and weigh you down. Why carry on your shoulders things over which you have no authority, or which you do not need to own.

You come into this world an empty vessel – a clean slate on which anything you need or desire to experience can be writ. So be still. What is on your slate that you truly need to know? What is written there that you need to learn and inwardly digest and understand? For that is the reason for physical life – to experience, to learn and most importantly to understand. And in order to understand you need to free yourself – your mind, your body, and your thoughts from both inner and outer stimuli – to take in what you experience and then translate it into something that has real and genuine meaning.

Life is lived so fast. You rush everywhere; fret over time “wasted” in queues and lines. And in all this time, do you see what is valid? What has true meaning?

Make time to connect to the real part of you, your spark and inner Light that planned your incarnation. Be still and know yourself and know God. And then you can understand your plan and know your true power.

Text Source: Inner Light-Workers

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