Full Moon In Pisces and Lion’s Gate Courage

moon 1b 8 28 15

We recently passed through the Lion’s Gate and now we have a full moon (supermoon) in Pisces. There is so much to say about these events. Not only are they hugely significant in and of their own, but they also herald what is to come next. As usual, the amazing celestial events we are experiencing bring us some wonderful Lightworker posts to enjoy, learn from, and share. (You can check our Facebook media page if you would like to review any of the latest Spiritual news and updates.)

What I’d like to do now is share with you my own experience and feelings in this moment.

Last night I went out to take some photos of the moon, which will go full and perigree around 2:35 Eastern today. I took a few while it was still light out and then a few more after it got dark. Photographing the moon while living in an area that is basically flat is a challenge. I mean, all the pictures kind of look the same ~ ooo it’s a ball in the sky! I’m lucky if I can get a treetop or something in the frame for variety. And if it’s dark out, well yeah ~ ooo it’s a ball in the sky! I’m just saying this because I think it’s funny. I accept and enjoy the challenges of photography but sometimes the results of even the best shots don’t make much of an impact on other people.

moon 2b 8 28 15

Hopefully, what my photographs can convey is the energy of the subject and the energy I put into them. Hopefully, you will feel as well as see my photos. This is always my intention. I intend to put a little Love out into Creation with each of them.

So, anyway… back to what I was saying ~ last night I went out to take some photos of the moon. I went into the front yard to take the first set, while it was still light out. Then I went out back later to take the others. What struck me most was this: I could really only see two things in the night sky. One was the beautiful moon and the other was my Starship ~ The Rainbow. I can see The Rainbow almost every night but usually there are a lot of stars in the sky as well. Not last night. I could see my ship very clearly ~ to most people it would look like an unusually bright, flashing, colorful star. Last night it was more vibrant than usual, sparkling and flashing a lot of red. (I promise to try to get some pics/video of The Rainbow tonight.)

I really could not see any other stars even though there were no clouds. It was just me, Moon, and The Rainbow. (Oh boy, now I am tearing up as my Heart leaps in my remembrance.)

moon 4b 8 28 15

So I looked at Moon. And Moon reflected back to me (Moon represents Humanity) and basically said, “You’re doing great. We salute you. Humanity is on track and all is well. We Love You.”

That was pretty awesome!

Then I looked over at The Rainbow, and, as I said, my ship seemed more animated and vibrant than usual. As if to say, “Yes, we’re really here, we see you, we want you to see us and we’re just as excited and happy as you are about everything that’s happening! Congratulations!”

It was a great moment for me. Yes, I have been having lots of fabulous experiences but this one was special because I’ve recently made a big transition and this is one of the first magical events I’ve been a part of since my latest Re~Birth.

moon 3 8 28 15

The theme I am feeling right now and that is related to what I just wrote is this: Courage. (Okay, my Heart just swelled and my eyes teared up again so I know I am on track here. Yay!)

The Lion’s Gate and this supermoon mean many things. Not a surprise, since there are over seven billion of us Human Beings here. Yes, these events have a theme or meaning for The Collective but they also mean different things for each of us because we are all in different places on our Paths.

What I hope for you is that, after you read and listen to what others have to say about these events, you take the time to go within and feel out what these events mean to You. How do You feel? What does this time mean to You? How can You work with what you find inside yourself as you move forward? What is Your Theme of the Moment? Are You ripe to tackle challenges or is this a time for You to rest and integrate or celebrate?

Only you know what is right for you. And you are always surrounded by a Team that is here solely to help you, so please never feel as if you are out of the loop or out of step if you are not in the same place that you think others are or if you are feeling like an odd duck. Those feelings, just like everything else, are actually a blessing. Everything you go through and feel is just another stepping stone on your Path. Enjoy your Journey, Beloved Sibling, because the Journey you are on right now is probably the most important and amazing experience you’ve ever had in your long, long existence as an Eternal Soul.

Back to Courage ~ for me this moment is about Courage. It’s also about Freedom, Joy, Bliss, and Unity but my experience last night and the recent Lion’s Gate Portal guide me to focus on Courage.

Onesie for Oneness One

What I mean is that it’s time for me to open up even more about my own journey. I will be doing that over my next several posts. I will be talking about why I took such a long break from posting and why I avoided Facebook and the internet for a while recently. Some amazing things have happened for me, starting last October, and now I know that it’s time to put the pieces together and tell the story.

griffin 1b

Courage is me telling the whole world that The Moon talks to me. Courage is me telling the whole world that I have my own starship parked in the sky over my back yard.  Courage is me standing up, showing who I really AM, and speaking for myself. That is why I AM here, after all ~ to Be Love and to share Truth to the best of my ability. And Courage is me not giving a single shit or a single fuck about what anybody thinks of me or says to me when I do what I came here to do.

march 27 44c

At the same time, Love is me saying, “I don’t care what you think of me. I love you no matter what you do or say. I honor you and I honor you in the place you are. I know who you really are and I see you. I know that we all serve Love. I am grateful for your Service. I can see that it’s very difficult sometimes. You can’t fool me with your actions or words and I will always be there for you, on The Bridge. In fact, I’m waiting there for you now.”

The Truth is that there are now countless Pillars of Light supporting The Bridge To Freedom. We are here to share what we have chosen to embody with You. We have more than enough Love and Courage to share with you so, please, take some and use it to lighten the load as you continue on your most excellent journey.

lion 1b

Courage is something we all need to achieve Mastery. You have the Heart of a Lion. Open your Heart and Be Courageous. Find the Courage to Be Fearless and to Be Love. After you’ve fallen and gotten up a few times, then you will know the Truth ~ you never really fall and you never really fell. The only direction any of us has ever moved was up and forward.

~ Love, Rain

This video shares the original song that would later become “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.”
The Zulu chorus “Uyimbube” means “You are a lion.”
More: Wikipedia.

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