Drawing From Your Inner Well

There is a place residing in your soul that is unshakable, unbreakable — it is brilliant, and pristine.

This is the well from which you draw the hope that quenches you in times of despair.  It is light in your darkest of times.  When  you are broken it is the glue that binds you.  It is the heart of your joy and peace.

My life has been stirring with change recently.  I have experienced jubilation, despair, turmoil, and peace; a melting pot of emotion and circumstance.  At times I felt quite shaken and hopeless.

However, through the wavering and flickering, through my fear and doubt, I rediscovered my constant.

This constant is the part of me that is connected to my Creator.  It is absolute, unwavering, fearless, and powerful.  It is Divine Love, compassion, and bliss.

When I fully connect to this part of my essence… beyond all circumstance and uncertainty, I feel an all-encompassing serenity envelope my being. I feel refreshed and enlivened.

Many travel far seeking that which is within themselves.  I do not need to go to a church or a temple to find this.  I am the temple.  When I fully realize this I am in continual communion with God and all of creation.

Find this place within yourself and nourish it.  Allow yourself to connect to the   Divine Presence which resides within — and let it radiate in all you do.

Your perspective will evolve.  For now you will see things with the light of love.  You will find beauty in the mundane, and depth in simplicity.  A sense of curiousity will stir in your soul.  Though you may not always be happy with the cards that you are dealt, you will play them with clarity and confidence.

Every moment has it’s worthiness, and I am forever grateful.  I send you each love, and peace… but more than that,551548_614023298625902_1311556780_nI hope that you find that love and peace within yourself and let it overflow.

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