Angus Puppy’s Prefectly Spritual Birthday Monring Vidoe

angus bday 1title  

January 31st was Angus Puppy’s birthday. She turned four. I decided I wanted to take some birthday photos of her so I went out back with the dogs after the sun came out. While I was out there, I decided to film them for a few minutes. I wanted to capture a Magical Birthday Moment with my two loving companions. A slice of Life from our Little Family of Love. Here’s some of what happened ~

I realized when I started talking to them that my voice was hoarse so it doesn’t sound too good on the video. And, instead of giving me “Cute Birthday Doggy,” Angus peed, pooped, went a little crazy, and wouldn’t look at me when I tried to take her picture. She completely ignored me so I could not get a decent shot.

angus bday 13b

Auggie Doggie barked the whole time and instead of giving me “Loving Older Doggy Brother” he gave me “Annoyed and Frustrated Noisy Dog.” He was mad and demanding attention. He looks mad in almost all the photos I took of him.

angus bday 11b

Let’s face it, I didn’t really get any decent shots. Half of them are blurry. Although I did get a couple good ones of the dog toys that look like dildos. Yes, many of their doggy toys look like dildos. It’s a constant source of amusement.

So, why is this a perfectly spiritual video? Why was this a perfectly spiritual moment? Because it was fun. Because it was real. Because it shows that having expectations is a waste of energy. Because no matter how imperfect and disappointing it could have been, it wasn’t. Because we Love each other unconditionally and we always will. Because there is no bad or good. There isn’t really even any perfect or imperfect. Everything is perfect, always ~ and every moment serves to remind us of that, if we choose to understand.

angus bday 10b

This is a moment I will always remember with fondness and laughter. And now I have a video to watch, whenever I want, to remind me of what Auggie and Angus are really like. How they make me laugh and how I get annoyed with their behavior sometimes. To remind me of how much I love them no matter what they do. To remind me that this is my circus and these are my monkeys and in this moment, no matter what seems to be going on around us, that’s all that really matters.

2 thoughts on “Angus Puppy’s Prefectly Spritual Birthday Monring Vidoe”

  1. Aww… that’s adorable… Me loves your doggies, your voice, your jammies and slippers… and intentional typos! 😉 *hugs*

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