Archangel Message for January 28, 2015

Hello, Brothers and Sisters! It’s been a while since I shared one of these messages but I got this one last night and I know it’s perfectly synchronous and True for this Now Moment! I hope you find it empowering and inspiring.

~ Love, Rain
Proud member of The Bridge to Freedom Crew

P.S. I love you and I will meet you on the Bridge. Always.

♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥


Card Theme: CREATE what you DESIRE


I am keeper of the Flame of Peace, Guardian and Archaeon of the Divine Light.

Dear one, move forwards with confidence and joy and with focus. It is time for you to draw yourself up and assume your rightful place in the world as co-creator with God and with all the other evolved Beings of Light that work with the creative process. It is time to take responsibility for your Self and your own actions and to know that what you create is your responsibility and yours alone. It is no longer the obligation or duty of any one other than your Self. In truth it never has been, and so now too it is time for you to see and understand that, and to realize that all has come as a result of what you have wished for and that what you have in your life was and is very much up to you.

Now you know that you may manifest that which you desire so long as you have a clear understanding of where you want to go, have a focus on what you need to do, and plan step by step how what you wish for may come about. And so it is time to stand up and take charge of your life. You need to look within (again!) to find what it is in life that resonates with you and how you see your purpose. For whatever you plan needs to be thought about deeply and carefully and worked on with positive intent and planning so that you may proceed along the path you wish to take with deliberate steps.

So now, let your heart be strong and your mind be steady. I would like you to use the tools you have been given and to think carefully how you may achieve that which you truly wish for, given the circumstances of your life. It may be that you can plan for tomorrow. It may be that you can plan for next year. It may be that you can only plan for ten or twenty years in your future. But it is never too early to be at the planning stage and, once the plan is set out as you wish it, automatically you will start to shape your own destiny and manifest on Earth that which you truly desire.

You are the architect of your own destiny, so use the tools you have been given wisely with Divine Light and inspiration and step out and take your place in the world with my blessing and my love. You may call on me for help in overcoming obstacles or things that you see as being in your way and I will help you gently work to find your way through them and reach a resolution. I am your guiding Light and am with you at your side to support, encourage and counsel you always. I AM URIEL.

Text Source: Inner Light-Workers

2 thoughts on “Archangel Message for January 28, 2015”

  1. Thank you Rain… did you know it was YOU who led me to “Inner Light-Workers” back in March of last year… I’ve been getting my daily Archangel and Ascended Master messages from there ever since 🙂 Sending Love, Light and *HUGS*

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