St. Germain ~ My Legacy is Golden Energy

I haven’t taken down any messages or conversations in writing for some time because writing and typing both cause pain in my hands, wrists, and arms. But they are getting better and yesterday I was really excited about connecting and getting some new information. I felt all day that something was going to happen in the evening and sure enough, around 6:30 I knew it was time! So here’s what happened ~

1/10/15, 6:34 pm

~ golden ~

Me: Sanat Kumara ~ Come on down! My crown ~ she is tingling. Hey, I coulda made a rhyme…

SK: Hello, Rain Love! I’m happy to speak with you again!

Me: Me too, you! But you know writing is hurting my hand so I don’t know how much I can take down.

SK: Not to worry; we’ll keep it short.

Me: Okay, I’m going to try typing this so we’ll see how it goes.

SK: Very good. you’re healing quickly and we are assisting you. Keep doing your Reiki.

Me: Yes, I know. Thank you and I will. What do you want to talk about tonight? I mean, I know a lot has been happening for me and for a lot of other people. 2015 is huge so far.

SK: What do you feel this time is about, Rain?

Me: Well, for me it’s about healing and transcending physical illness. I know we can do this.

SK: Yes, you can. Everybody can. Some people are learning this and others are learning about transcending other dualistic concepts. Just as there is no good/bad, there is no healthy/sick, or rich/poor, etc.

Me: Okay, I am feeling you really want to say something about Golden Energy. I know we’ve been talking about that a lot and so have some others.

(This is when I knew St. Germain was with us. And he was raring to go. LOL)

Me: LOL Okay, Hi, Francis. You seem excited. But then, you always seem excited. Or maybe I should say enthusiastic. I love your enthusiasm. It’s contagious.

St G.: Hellooo again, Rain Love! Yes, you know me ~ Alchemy! Alchemy excites me. I love seeing what you all are doing with the Violet Flame and your other tools. As you have been saying for a while now ~ in many ways, Humanity’s Ascension is about Golden Energy and Alchemy is about transmuting things with Love. This is the gift. This is the gold. My legacy is Golden Energy ~ something that ALL of US can create. Everything is energy and one way to make gold, as we talked about before, is by using the Violet Flame that is anchored in your Hearts with your TriFold Flame.

heart flame 1c

(See this post for more on that ~ 12/12 ~ Golden! A Message From The Flow .)

Me: I am totally with you, Francis, and I can feel how important this is to you but so far it’s kind of a repeat.

St. G. Well Rain, some of us are practicing Remedial Alchemy, no? And it never hurts to go over the basics again.

Me: LMAO are you talking about me? Okay, Eddie says “Hi.” But you know that already, dur.

St G: Well, you have been engaged in some other activities recently but now you will be focusing more on The Flow of Abundance Project again.

Me: Okay, awesome! What exactly will I be doing? I mean, it’s not really clear and so much of our work has been done on another level that it’s hard to explain to people.

St. G.: I know. But you will be doing more of the same. In your terms ~ you will continue to dissolve blocks to The Flow of Abundance and you will create, ground, and anchor more Golden Energy. You do this for The Collective and you share this information with them to facilitate the process and their participation. I want you to share some information on the blocks to The Flow.

Me: Yeah, I have been meaning to do that.

St. G.: I repeat ~ everything is energy. The Flow of Abundance is energy and will flow most easily when and where there are no blocks. Those who have blocks will continue to exist (seemingly) outside of The Flow. It can be no other way. It is up to each person to step into The Flow by making conscious efforts to do so. It’s not about trying so hard ~ it’s about letting go. Letting go of everything that is not Real and choosing Love in every moment is the key to stepping into The Flow of Abundance and, for that matter, The Flow of Unity Consciousness.

Me: I know. Again, I feel like we just keep saying the same things over and over and some people just aren’t getting it.

St. G: Yes, but some people are. People “get” things when they are ready. If you look from another perspective, you can see this. Put yourself in another frequency and take a look around and tell me what you see.

Me: Wow! Well I am getting goosebumps and I am seeing like a map with lights coming on. More and more lights. Each one is golden and I see the Golden Energy floating like stardust, everywhere.  You’re right, I see the light growing all over the planet and I feel myself getting lighter as I watch. LOL like I am floating myself. Thank you so much, Francis. Now I’m starting to cry and I feel so blessed and grateful. I feel transcendant again.

Let me rest my hand a moment…

What would your guidance be for Humanity?

st. germain 2b

St. G: For those who choose to move forward but feel they are having difficulty ~ go back to basics. Keep it simple. Focus on the Higher Truths and choose to serve Love. Letting go is simple when you remember that the things you need to let go of all come from fear. As has been said before, in every moment you can choose either love or fear. Just choose love. Remember that you know everything you need to know. Stop looking outside of yourselves for answers. Stop seeing enemies where there are none. THERE ARE NONE. Simple. Focus on what you’re doing and don’t worry about what other people are doing. This is your journey and the only thing you can control is what you do and how you handle the things that appear to be happening to you. That is, will you react and judge experiences, events, things, and people, etc. as “good” or “bad” or will you be a detached observer and remember that you chose whatever you are experiencing? Will you take responsibility for what you have created?

Although I wanted to talk to St. Germain and Sanat Kumara more, this is where I had to stop because my hand and arm were hurting too much to keep typing or doing anything, really. Archangel Raphael joined us and was helping me heal. We talked about my going to a healing chamber that night. And I did feel much better the next day.

I hope you find this exchange helpful, inspiring, and empowering.
I love you and I will meet you on The Bridge, always.
~ Rain
Proud Member of The Bridge to Freedom Crew

2 thoughts on “St. Germain ~ My Legacy is Golden Energy”

  1. If you put cast oil on you hands and risk just a small amount I promise it will heal quickly. Then you only need to apply once in a while.

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