Sanat Kumara and Archangel Raphael ~ A Pre-Solstice Reminder and Healing Activation

Violet Flame

On the afternoon of December 16th, I knew I was going to be getting a message and sure enough, after dinner, I started hearing a song and then felt that Sanat Kumara wanted to talk to me again.

“On Fire”

Turn your radios on, I’ll be a right there, yes I will
Turn me up real loud, I’m in your ears, ah
‘N’ I’m hangin’ ten now baby, as I ride your sonic, ooh wave
(Good God, y’all)
I’m on fire
I’m on fire
I’m on fire
I’m on fire
Oh yeah, one time
Fire, fire, fire
Lay your bodies down, I’m in your beds, your beds
Pull your headphones on, I’m in your heads, ah
‘N’ I’m hangin’ ten now baby, as I ride your sonic, ooh wave
(Good God, y’all)
I’m on fire
I’m on fire
I’m on fire
I got that familiar feeling between my shoulder blades and after hearing the song for a while and getting my pen and paper, I asked, “Sanat, is that you?”
SK: Yes.
Me: We’re on fire? LOL

Me: What’s going on?
SK: Massive amounts of Light being sent to you all. Integration.
Me: What do you want to talk about?
SK: Flames. Flames of purification and transmutation. We encourage you all to use them more to make things easier on yourselves. And ask for our assistance. Violet and White Flames ~ reach out to St. Germain and Master Paul. Green flames ~ Reach out to Master Hilarion and Archangel Raphael. And keep creating that Golden Energy that St. Germain talked about the other day.
Keep focusing on your Hearts. Let go of the mind and its manipulations as much as you can.
Me: Okay. I hear you. What else? (I was thinking about Christmas because I’ve been feeling like that is going to be a big day.)
SK: The Solstice! Renewal. Re-Birth. Regeneration. You all are to be as The Phoenix. I encourage all of you to focus on yourselves as well as your holiday festivities. If you need to rest, rest. Do not feel obligated to engage in holiday tasks and events if you don’t want to. Remember ~ healthy boundaries. This may be a good time for you all to start new holiday traditions that include taking care of yourselves and being honest about what you feel.
(I really got the feeling that what Sanat was saying is that, as Pioneers and Wayshowers, this season is a good time for us to set an example as co-creators of a new paradigm. That is, to show people how we put our focus and attention on things that are Real and important to us and not on old paradigm things like drama and playing out old emotional and mental roles and games with family and friends, etc. In other words, we want to show what it is like to be our Authentic Selves and to act with awareness and integrity. To Walk Our Talk, especially during the holidays. This is one way we hold The Bridge to 5D ~ by showing, in our daily lives, what it means to live a higher vibrational existence.)
Me: What else can you tell me about the Solstice?
(Here I got a vision of two planets, one pulling away from the other or original planet. I have seen this vision many times over the past two and a half years. My understanding of what this means has changed a few times, but it has to do with Gaia and Humanity ascending.)
(And then I saw something else that looked like an egg coming out of another egg. Like a new planet being hatched from an existing planet.)
SK: Remember the 12/21/12?
Me: YES! Fabulous day for me!
SK: This one promises to be just as memorable for those who are aware. You will experience major shifts and see new things. Things you could not see before will become visible due to your increased awareness and thinning veils.

Me: What kind of things?

SK: Energies, Beings, colors, vibrance, shimmer, Light play. And many people will become aware of being visited for the first time. Some will have initiations, graduations, celebrations, new roles and new blueprints. There will be many awakenings, seemingly “spontaneous.” Some people who have been sitting on the fence will jump down to one side or another.

Remember, the experiences will differ for each of you. Have no expectations except that what will happen is for the Highest Good of All.
(I noted that there are no “sides” as in one against the other in this process. Sanat meant that people will be acting on decisions they have made on a soul level about which path they will take ~ whether to move forward or to meander a bit longer.)
When Sanat Kumara talked about jumping off the fence, it made me think of Archangel Raphael. This is something he said to me a long time ago ~ that he had given me a nudge when I was on the fence. And then I became aware of his presence and my heart swelled and I cried ~ wonderful tears of joy over speaking with Raphael and being so aware of his presence.
You are loved beyond measure
Me: Hello, Raphael.
AAR: Hello, Rain Love. I love you!
Me: I love you, too! (We hugged and I cried some more. And I felt as if I was enveloped in green. It was warm and cool at the same time.) I am so honored, so blessed and so grateful. I really have no words…
And then I asked, “What would you like to say, Raphael?”
AAR: I encourage you all to take charge of your well being. Your Health. Remember two things ~ everything is energy and nobody knows you or your body better than you. Do not give your power away to those who “practice medicine.” Trust yourselves. Trust your guides and know that you can heal yourselves. Knowing this is the first step to doing it.
Call on me for healing assistance whenever you like. Know that none of us can assist you unless you ask.
Me: Thank you! I assume this all has something to do with the Solstice?
AAR: Yes. It’s about taking responsibility in order to move forward with more grace and ease. You cannot move forward if you have one foot on The Bridge or in the New World and one foot stuck in the old. Old modes of “healing” are boxes just like the rest of the boxes you have put yourselves in. Old paradigm notions of medicine involve giving your power away and looking outside of yourselves, to “experts,” for answers and decisions. This leads to imbalance in the physical and other bodies.
See yourselves as the energy you are and resolve to approach “dis-ease” the same way you are learning to approach everything else ~ as something you have created and something you can change.
Me: Thank you!
AAR: Work your magic, Rain. You and everyone else.
Me: Oh, okay. I am sensing you want to gift us with a healing activation or something… ?
AAR: Yes! Like Abundance, Wholeness of Being is something you already have. Everything is energy. You simply have to let go and dissolve blocks to allow it to be and to flow freely.

Take my hand. Now I place my hand, over yours, on your Heart Space. Do you feel the heat? That is energy from me and the green ray and the Company of Heaven. Green energy.This green energy expands your Heart chakra as you breathe in and out. Then it starts to suffuse your whole body with a cool heat. LOL Yes, that is what I said ~ cool heat.

You feel it from your toes to your crown. This green energy dissolves blocks and cuts through old, stagnant energy which will leave your body through your hands and feet now and over the next day or two. You may be feeling some tingling near those places now. You may be feeling more energetic.

Me: Yes, I do. (I was very tired when I started talking to Sanat and in fact my whole body was aching. But I started feeling much better and more energetic when I was talking to Raphael. And the next morning when I woke up, I felt great. I also experience energy leaving my body through my feet several times the next day.)

AAR: Dissolving these blocks allows your life force to flow freely and abundantly and helps align you with Source. You may feel the urge to stretch and flex your hands and feet. Do so and feel the energy moving.

All that is released is transmuted with Love. You see the energy swirling above you now, golden and white. Your vibration is higher and you are lighter.

This is excellent preparation for the Solstice. Focus on this activation and process whenever you can over the next few days. You are releasing the old so that you are free to put both feet into the new.

Me: OMG, I feel amazing! Freer and more energetic. I was so tired before but now my whole body is humming with energy.

AAR: We leave you now to focus on your healing and releases. We Love You and we are with you. Call on us to help you prepare and move forward with purpose and grace.

~ Always, We Are One

♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥

I thanked Raphael and Sanat again and expressed my deep gratitude. And I’ve already told you about what happened after this encounter. I am still feeling fabulous and yesterday was a wonderful day for me. Although I was busy with quite a few mundane, 3D tasks, they were effortless and I was at peace and deeply serene.

I hope you find this healing activation as helpful and empowering as I did.
I love you and I will meet you on The Bridge. Always
~ Rain


Proud member of The Bridge to Freedom Crew

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