Guides Discussion on my Fear of Failure

I share this with you because I am not the only one that has failed at many things and find myself afraid to be exactly who I am. I am taking steps and have made huge strides over the last year, but underneath is this nagging fear. For me my fear of failure, makes it so I stop myself.

A guide came to me today, she was young and Korean with a beautiful light around her. She had this etheric quality. She told me that she had things to tell me, that I should pay attention and write them down. Her strong tone got my attention.

You have a fearful soul when it comes to success. Do you know why this is? You were not allowed to fail. Your attempts were laughed at and it bruised your tender soul. You shined so brightly with an innocence that most did not understand. and you were unable to laugh at yourself. You’ve put yourself in a box of pass/fail and forgot to enjoy the journey.

You have a choice, you can stay in that place of limited definition or you can expand and encompass all that is. You have your dreams and desires, they are large. Do you have the courage to follow them? To take them? To turn your back on your fears? I think you do. When you doubt look at how far you have come, look at the obstacles you placed in your path that you have trampled over. This fear, it is nothing. Look it in the eye and tell it that you will succeed. Change your definition of success. Don’t view your life through a 3D lens. Instead view your success through your experiences. True success is learning and growing, not only in outward expression to the world. So many have large outward expressions but they are empty inside. Do not judge your success by these characteristics.

I don’t know what to do.

You do, do what makes your heart happy. Create for the sake of creating. You will see it all unfold for you. You must have the courage to be all that you are, your true self in things, in the face of all scrutiny. This is your time. Can you feel it? Remove that webbing of fear from around you as this old programming is no longer who you are.

Is it a cord?

No, it is a webbing you have wrapped tightly around yourself. (I look down and see myself covered in a spiders web, she pushes it away from my face, and mostly off my head). You would get a glimpse out, your heart would soar and then an obstacle would appear and you retreated behind the webbing. Take it off child, take it off.

How do I do that?

By stepping into who you are. By accepting that you hold great light and the world criticizes what it can’t understand. That it is not a reflection on you, but on them. Release it and let it go. Don’t allow layers to be added to the webbing, instead through each bold move, each act of determination, each act of being exactly who you are, let the layers weaken and fall to your feet.

You are beautiful, let the world see it. It needs souls with open hearts full of love. Go, be wonderful, we need you.

With that, she was gone. I now understand and will choose to release myself from the webbing I created to protect my soul.

One thought on “Guides Discussion on my Fear of Failure”

  1. I love this channeled message Jenny! I really resonated with this… I will be reading it again… while removing some of my own protective webbing… Love and Blessings, David 🙂

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