12/12 ~ Golden! A Message From The Flow

~ golden ~

Yesterday evening, around 7 pm, I was writing a post about the 12/12 portal when I felt the familiar sensation of movement and goosebumps in the center of my shoulders. I messaged Eddie and said, “Oh boy, somebody wants to talk to me.” And they did. For an hour! Wow.

Even though I knew who it was, I started off by asking, “Who is here?” And the response was, “Sanat Kumara.”

Me: Haha, thought so!

SK: Hello, Rain Love. Blessings!

Me: Do you want to talk about the 12/12?

SK: Oh yes!

Me: I’m listening, Sanat, and thank you for being here. I love you!

SK: I love you too.

Me: What do you want to say about the 12/12? (After I asked that I got the impression that there was going to be a big celebration on the ships that night. A party!)

SK: You have all done so well. Better than any of us could have imagined. We marvel at your ingenuity and your tenacity. You have heard that All of Creation is watching you on Planet Earth and I can assure you that this is true. What Humanity is doing is the Talk of the Town, so to speak. The Company of Heaven watches, supports, and celebrates you all.

Me: Thank you! I am honored.

SK: As you know, dates and times are simply markers for us to use to all be on the same page when talking about certain events, etc. Any portal date is not really a date in time except on Humanity’s calendars. This is one reason why you all experience things at what seem to be different times. You are all unique and you all experience “time” in your own way.

So, what you experienced this past week, during your initiation, is something somebody else may have experienced before, now, or even after 12/12. These events are energetic, not chronological, and all will experience different things at different times.

What those who are aware will experience is some testing or trials. Challenges. No worry ~ there is no passing or failing. It’s not that kind of test. Tests are chosen by you for the experience, not to be graded.

After your challenge, you will feel a greater sense of Lightness and more Awareness and renewed and greater Balance. That is because your challenge will force you to release some baggage, as long as you are not resistant. Remember, the key to overcoming any challenge is surrender. Surrender, surrender, let go, let go!

The baggage many of you Pioneers are releasing isn’t yours ~ it comes from The Collective. Knowing this may help clear up some confusion as many of you are wondering where the turmoil you’ve felt recently is coming from. You’ve volunteered to take this on and it is a great service. We thank you.

Me: I see! Yes, that does explain a lot and is kind of what I felt was happening. What is the general theme for this energetic event?

SK: As I said, all will experience it differently but one common thread, as usual, is simply the transmutation of the old paradigm, stagnant, lower vibrational energies that have accumulated over these many years.

alchemist 2b

The Collective continues to create such energies but now that is happening on a smaller scale. This allows you Transmuters to continue digging deeper and deeper to transmute the energies of the lowest vibration. I believe, when reading this, some of you will feel that it explains some of the rather unpleasant and startling thoughts and feelings you have had lately. And this also explains why the veils grow increasingly thin.

(When Sanat was talking about that, I saw layers of energy, one on top of the other, like sedimentary rock. I also saw images of amber and resin, representing the most dense energies.)

Me: Yes! I feel you. And other themes?

SK: Unity of course! As these lower vibrational energies clear more and more, it allows more higher vibrational energy to be anchored and grounded. As you say, letting go and releasing makes room for Love and Light. This is true! And, as more Love and Light is anchored and grounded, Unity follows. It’s the natural course. Higher vibrational energy leads to Unity Consciousness.

(While Sanat was saying that, Sananda joined us. This was a bit distracting for me because he was teasing me about my Source Writing. LOL. He was saying, “See, I told you to try the writing!” And you will see in a minute why he joined us here.)

Me: Cool beans. Well, I AM IN! LOL and thank you Sananda. Yes, you were right, of course. Dur. Anything else?

Before I asked that question, I started hearing a song that I’ve been hearing on and off lately.
Always the same lyrics of course ~

You can do magic
You can have anything that you desire

SK: That song you’re hearing? The one that says, “You can do magic…?” Alchemy, My Dear! Magic! Manifestation! More and more of you are seeing and will see that you are now the Alchemists, Magicians, and Miracle Makers that you have always dreamed of being.

Is it not a common belief amongst Humanity that Jesus performed “miracles?” And is it not a common understanding amongst “Lightworkers” that you are destined to embrace and embody Christ Consciousness? Well, you may not yet be ready to walk on water or turn that water into wine but who knows? If you all simply embrace Who You Are and start performing your magic, then what once seemed impossible will become Reality.

While Sanat was saying that, St. Germain joined us. LOL shocking. He reminded me of the Sacred Alchemical Formula. You can read about that here: Alchemy ~ The Sacred Cosmic Formula.

St. Germain was very animated and and I was really happy to talk to him.

Me: Thank you, Francis. I love you!

St. G: I love you too, Rain. I am so pleased to communicate with you again. I am always with you, Dear.

Me: I’m sensing that you all want to give us a gift or activation or something.

Then I laughed because Sananda was like yeah…

St. G: I want you all to work with the Violet Flame more and embrace a deeper understanding of its uses and power. The Violet Flame is one of the tools you can use to facilitate The Flow of Abundance.

Allow me to assist you now. The Violet Flame is anchored in your Heart Space. Remember that your Heart Space is also just like that of The Creator and has a Threefold Flame. That means that there is a pink flame (representing Love), a yellow flame (representing Wisdom) and a blue flame (representing Power).

heart flame 1c

As St. G is speaking, I see the three flames commingled and intertwined. Then I see the Violet Flame join them and suddenly, because of the four flames combining, Golden Energy is created! It was amazing.

St. G: That is Alchemy, Rain. Now you’re starting to understand. First, that yes, Humanity receives the gift of Golden Energy from the Company of Heaven but Humanity can also create this Golden Energy. As above, so below. You all can do anything the Company of Heaven can do because you ARE the Company of Heaven.

Secondly, you are starting to understand how transmutation, combined with Who You Are and what is inside of you ~ What You Are ~ creates the Golden Energy that is Love and that is Abundance. You Are Abundance. This is where it comes from. It comes from You, it comes from Me, it comes from All of Us!

You create it by first recognizing Who You Are and then allowing it to materialize. When you are a vessel through which Divine Will and Divine Love flow, this is what happens. Alchemy. Magic. Golden!

Me: Well I am just really overwhelmed and excited. Honored and grateful. Feeling blessed. Tears of joy.

St. G: We Love You. We are always here for you. Do your Magic! We will see you again tomorrow.

Me: And tonight, right?

St. G: Yes! Tonight we celebrate!

♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥

I hope you all find this as empowering and inspiring as I did. It was truly a wonderful experience and I feel tremendously blessed and grateful.
~ Love, Rain
Proud Member of the Bridge to Freedom Crew


12 thoughts on “12/12 ~ Golden! A Message From The Flow”

  1. This is such an awesome message and post! The second I began reading, the tingles began! And that’s way cool… since these ARE energetic downloads and upgrades! Take care Rain! *wing bumps*! Woah… intense tingles again… N-i-c-e! 😀

      1. Dearest Rain, this morning… after begging and pleading (ya, I have no shame), I was granted an invisible yet energy-charged visit from Sanat Kumara… and suddenly I distinctively heard the words (and melody) “You can do magic…” Total goosebumps. Then, woah… and whoosh…. my vibration and energy field felt clear as a bell. No kidding! Dearest Rain, I think S.K. was saying, “The next time you feel so needy, David… ah, remember this song.” 😉

      2. Hahaha that is FABULOUS, David. Yes, Sanat is really getting around these days. Or more accurately, more and more of us are becoming aware of his presence (and the presence of others). The fact that you heard that song is wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I love you! *hugs*

      3. It was, as you would say, “FABU”! I agree about his “appearances” lately 😉 See my blog… Love you too! *Huggies* (no, not the garment…) 😀

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