Speaking with Mary Magdalene and Jesus

Today I tried free writing for the first time, and allowed the Spirit to move through me and speak, and I wrote what was spoken to me.  At first, my Mary Magdalene essence clearly presented itself and spoke through me, then I felt a shift and clearly felt the presence of Jesus speak through me.   The following is what I trasnscribed:

Mary Magdalene:

Release your fears.  Lay down the cross, which you have been bearing far too long.

Feel no shame, no guilt, no burden.

Allow love to mend your brokeness. Fill the empty spaces in your soul with JOY and BLISS — and do not look back.

The Kingdom of Heaven is within, within all of us — and each of us.  It is a flame ignited by a spark of love.  God is love. Love is all.

Fear not the darkness, but rather illuminate your love light brighter

See the beauty in all things.  Even the darkness.  The pitch black can offer it’s own sense of serenity.

Look with curiousity at both the simple and complex.  Simplicity has a mystery all it’s own… a quaint comfort — and innocence.

It is through this simple beauty.  This contrast of light and dark that Glory is truly built.

This Glory, is both free, and it is freeing.  It washes more than just dust from the soul, but the murk and bruden-laden painfulness that has excruciatingly tormented too many for FAR too long.

This GLORY is PARADISE.  It is absolute Ambrosianal Peace.  It is Serenity, that is not beyond understanding — yet needs not definition.

Words may capture it’s essence, and speech may carry it’s sound — but only in the spirit this burning fire is found.

The flame which purifies, enlivens, and awakens.  It cannot be extinguished, it’s touch does not cause pain.  You cannot smother or drown it, nor would you wish to.

It has always been and will always be.  It is eternal and unchanging.

Allow this flame to pass over your being, it may bring various sensations; but – pause- and simply BE.

Allow a smile to pass across your face.  Let your mind and heart drift off into ever-lasting JOY and BLISS.alex grey (27)


I am with you always, this presence says.  I am the Light, I am the the Ambrosianal Peace. I am the Simple Serenity.  I am Bliss Unfurling Eternally.

I am here to help the fallen, mend the broken, enliven those who are bereaved with with grief and depression.  I will hold your hand as you walk through the darkness.

And even more so, I will embrace you and welcome you into your loving, gracious, Glorious home.   In my arms may you find comfort and joy.

And so it is.

6 thoughts on “Speaking with Mary Magdalene and Jesus”

  1. Amanda, this is beautiful and touched me very deeply… thank you for adding another tear of gratitude to my Life bucket… 😉

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