Sanat Kumara and Many Who Are One ~ Assistance To Embrace Your Authentic Selves

Color Your World

On the evening of December 6th, I had a discussion with Sanat Kumara. It started with me being signalled to his appearance by the now familiar feeling of chills and movement between my shoulders, below the back of my neck. We were also joined by Lady Nada, Lady Venus, and St. Germain. That is how Sourcing and being in the Flow of Unity Consciousness works, at least for me ~ it brings me into Oneness and I find myself speaking with Many Who Are One.

This is how it started, with me writing my questions and the responses ~

Rain: Who is speaking?

Answer: Sanat Kumara.

Rain: What would you like to say?


This is a holiday season for many of you. While this serves as a distraction for some, it is also a time of high vibrational energies, strong influxes of Love and Light, and opportunities for you to embrace change, to release, and to reach higher levels of consciousness. Your presents come from your presence in the present, Beloveds.

We are here to talk about Truth and the importance of being your Authentic Selves. You must drop the last of your veils and armor. Too many Wayshowers cling to their masks and costumes. Too many Wayshowers choose to stay in their boxes and continue to label and define themselves in the old ways. We understand why you do this but we ask if you know why you do this?

Letting go of everything means just that ~ letting go of everything.

If you could see yourselves the way we see you, nothing could hold you back from running through the doors and portals we are holding open for you. The Bridge that many of your Brothers and Sisters are holding up for you, as the strong Pillars of Light that you all are, awaits. All you have to do is make your way to it.

You make your way to it by letting go of all your baggage, your issues, your programming. Your fears. Everything that is not Love comes from fear, Beloveds, and fear is a distortion. It is not real. Let go of all of these things that come from fear and let go of fear so that you are able to hold more Light. You raise your Light Quotient by making room for Love. The more Love and Light you allow to pass through you, the lighter you are and the higher you can go.

Lady Nada: Be a vessel. Make that your new goal ~ to be a vessel through which Divine Will and Divine Love flow. See yourselves now as instruments, no longer musicians. You do not play music ~ you are music. You do not direct Love ~ you are Love. You are instruments and conductors. That is an interesting word ~ conductors. Given our music metaphor, how does that feel to you? Do you see yourselves as conductors who direct Love, telling it where to go and how strongly to sound its notes or do you see yourselves as conductors who allow Love to flow through you, following the natural path of energy that is not hindered by obstacles and resistance?

(Now I become aware that Lady Venus and St. Germain are with us.)

Allow us to be with you and assist you now. Raise your head, close your eyes, and release. Let go of blocks and fears. Watch them (see them with your Third Eye) fall away like the cobwebs and wisps of dust they are.

We assist you by transmuting these bits of discordant, lower vibrational energy with brilliant flashes of white light. We invoke the Violet Flame that is anchored in your Heart and watch as it transmutes all within you and around you into Love. This energy now moves away from you and above you in soft pink swirls. You feel a sense of relief as you release everything that is weighing you down and embrace Serenity again.

Make no mistake ~ it is that easy if you allow it to be so.

We activate this process for you now if you will embrace it. Just ask and we are there, bringing you closer and closer to The Bridge.

The 12:12 grows near. Many of you will experience initiations followed by ceremonies. Be Ready, Beloved Master. Be ready. Make room now for more Love and more Light in your Being. Fear not for we are with you. You are never alone. We are One.

~ Always, We Are Love

♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥

Note: There is more to this discussion. I will share Part Two tomorrow.

~ Love, Rain
P. S. I will meet you on The Bridge. Always.


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