Archangel Message for December 2nd, 2014 ~ Magdalena

Card Theme: The Blessing of Mercy

~ I Am Magdalena ~


I am Magdalena, The Lady Mercy, twin flame and Unified Aspect of Azrael.

In order to become pure Spirit you need to transform the last dregs of your mortality and all that makes you human and bound to the world of physicality. You will not lose the remembrance of what it is to be human ~ to know the gifts of free will, self-judgment and choice ~ but you will see those gifts with Truth and in Light, knowing what it is to be whole, and understanding how balance and perfection may be achieved.

When you comprehend these things to such depths that they become an intrinsic part of your Being and your existence, and when you act at all times from a place of love, compassion, forgiveness, and mercy, then you will have learned much. For to err is to be human, just as to forgive is to be Divine. You have both aspects within you now, and when you can reconcile the one with the other; when you can accept suffering and pain; and when you truly know you are a child of God ~ then will you have succeeded in your Earthly tasks and duties.

I bring to you the Divine energies of Source and offer them that you may accept them into your Being and into your Energy field and so be starkly reminded of your own Divinity. Allow your physical body and all the sparks of your creation to be reminded of what once was so that you may be inspired to move forwards with intent and positivity and so return to that perfected state once more.

I ask you now to apply the Blessing of Mercy to yourself. Give yourself acknowledgement and praise for your many positive attributes and your many virtues. And when you seek to judge those parts of yourself that are not these things, apply to them merciful judgment and forgiveness. Know that God always acts from a place of non-judgmental Love: why then should you act any differently to yourself? To apply mercy is to understand and recognize whereby you have erred or strayed and then have the Self-Love and the wisdom to learn from those lessons and move forwards with positivity.

Know that I am here at your side and that my Light and Mercy may be drawn on and utilized whenever you need it and know too that you can go within with absolute faith in your ability to see, understand and resolve what ever is laid bare before you.

Text Source: Inner Light-Workers

7 thoughts on “Archangel Message for December 2nd, 2014 ~ Magdalena”

  1. Thank you dear Rain! P.S. Sanat Kumara came to me last night as he did to you recently… what pleasant goosebumps and a humble feeling of being an Earth friend 😀 *wing bumps* ❤ David

    1. I usually don’t leave “double messages” but S.K. came to me again… after my 12:53 post… Whew! Intense, healing, loving good vibes! Thanks Rain (and S.K…. for the back and neck massage…) 😉

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