Messages From The Flow ~ El Morya Kahn ~ 11/23/14

Our Family is a work of HEART.

As I said recently, I have been receiving messages from various Beings in the Flow of Unity Consciousness for a while now. I also said that I was reluctant to call myself a channeler. I am also reluctant to support or promote channeling. See my post on that here: Messages From The Flow ~ What Is It That You Want?

My feeling is that channeling has become one of the biggest problems in the Lightworker community. Like some other concepts such as karma and “the dark ones,” channeling has become an old paradigm concept that means different things to different people ~ and that’s just one of the reasons it has become problematic.

I feel that sometimes when people share channeled messages, they create issues by predicting events and spreading misinformation. This works for the channeler because they don’t even have to take responsibility for the words they share, no matter how misleading or even downright untrue they might be and no matter how much chaos and confusion they create for people who take them seriously and believe that they are sharing important information. And the channeler usually has found a way to capitalize on their channelings by charging money to share messages supposedly from exalted Beings like Archangel Michael or Mother/Father God, etc. Throwing around names like that is one way the channeler promotes him/herself and uses those supposed connections to make money off of people who feel they cannot trust their own guidance and who are looking for answers outside themselves.

Basically, what has happened as a result of some channelers’ work combined with a lot of people who were largely lacking confidence and looking outside of themselves for answers, is that channelers became the new priests ~ the middlemen between Humanity and Source. Now we have a lot of people who rely on those channelers for information about what is going on, what is going to happen, and worst of all, information about themselves. We have a lot of people who look to those channelers and people like them to tell them how they are doing and what they should be doing, rather than trusting themselves and developing their own guidance.

I was in this position myself once. I was letting somebody else tell me how I was doing and what I should be working on. That was fine for a while because I did need a lot of information and assistance in the beginning of my journey. But I grew past that and had to move away from that person and other people like her. This is how things should progress for all of us. If you are resonating with somebody and what they are saying, that’s great. But don’t get stuck! Most likely, there will be a time when you are ready to move on from that person. Don’t become dependent on them. You and they should be empowering yourself so that you can become independent. And when the time is right, liberate yourself and fly away. There should be joy amongst all parties when this happens.

I don’t want to say too much more about this because it’s going to be very controversial for some people. However, if you find yourself reacting to this post, I would say that’s a good thing. And if you think that charging money for or copyrighting messages from Source seems like a good idea, I would ask you one question: Why?

We are all One and messages from Source are free, inclusive, and meant for everybody. The Divine Plan does not include giving a select few messages and then directing them to share that information with the masses in exchange for money or power. That is the old Power-Over Paradigm dressed up in a new-age crystal suit.

Please remember that these are not things that we should get upset about. It is not worth giving emotional energy to this kind of situation. What we can do is be aware, be detached observers, and withdraw our energy from these situations. If you feel that a channeler is not legit or is taking advantage of people (whether consciously or unconsciously), just walk away. Do not support or promote their work. That’s all you have to do and really all you can do at this time because we are not here to judge and we must respect others’ journeys. Usually, we have no way of knowing what another person’s role or journey is about and it is usually not our concern. We are here to focus on our own journeys, not other people’s.

Peace Tree

All will work out for the best and in the meantime, everybody has a role to play. Some people are playing roles to hold the illusion for others and some are playing roles to test others’ discernment. Even a bogus channeler is fulfilling a role that is helpful to some people. People at all levels of awareness need others that they can look to for information that will, in one way or another, help them move forward when they have learned what they need to learn. We should be grateful to all who play their roles and remember that some of them are not easy. Some people have chosen to stay in lower vibrational states and lower states of awareness in order to carry out challenging but important roles.

A couple of related issues here ~ one is that, yes, everybody still needs to earn a living. And again, it is okay to pay for spiritual services. Some people are very gifted and can help you a lot. Just use your discernment and remember that these things are never necessary. They can be helpful but you do not need them. The Kingdom of Heaven is within and you have everything you need to complete your spiritual journey within you. Do not feel like you are missing out on anything just because you can’t afford to pay for spiritual services. Read more about that here: Removing Implants and Empowering Yourself

Secondly, some channelers are legit and also engaged in earning an honest living with a great deal of integrity. Use your discernment to determine which is which.

Again, no judgment. Everybody has a role to play. Your job is to keep your 3D eyes and your Third Eye open and to use all of your senses to discern who is telling the Truth before accepting what somebody says. Here are some tips to discerning messages that are based in Truth: they are about Love, not fear. They make you feel happy and loved, not scared or confused. They are empowering. They encourage you to do your inner work and raise your consciousness and awareness so that you can ascend to higher states of Being. They do not tell you that somebody is coming to solve all your problems if you just wait a little bit longer. And then a little bit longer… etc.

And, they do not talk about “The Dark Ones” or Evil Beings or Bad Guys. Period. That’s because there are no “bad guys.” If you are going to transcend duality, you must start integrating the Truth that there is no good/bad. We are all in service to each other and we are all Love Beings. Bad/good/evil/fear/suffering only appear to exist in the illusion. Nothing ever happens to us without our permission and we agree to all the experiences we will have. If something happened to you, “good” or “bad,” it’s because you chose it. All the experiences we choose are learning experiences. We are here to experience all sorts of things ~ things that can only be experienced in illusion where duality and polarity exist. And we can’t experience duality if there is no “bad” to show us what “good” is. We can’t experience duality if there is no fear to show us what Love is and to help us appreciate Love.

Yes, some people have agreed to play “dark” roles. But they’re just roles. This is all an experiment. It’s coming to an end now but we must remember that nothing “bad” ever happened in Reality. Even The Galactic Wars were just part of the illusion. There is nobody to blame for anything because it’s all just been one long game. In Reality, nobody ever did anything to screw over Humanity or try to destroy us. It’s time to take responsibility, stop pointing fingers, and move on with wrapping up the experiment and living in Peace, Joy, and Serenity. The only battles anybody has ever had were with themselves. Stop fighting yourself, surrender, and Fly into your beautiful new existence!

Now to get back to my messages. I don’t want to use the word channeling. When I am connecting with various Beings, usually it’s more in the form of a discussion, with me asking questions or seeking guidance or information. Then I will write down what I hear. I also receive visions that convey a lot of information in simple images or scenes. Other times, a Being is reaching out to tell me something, usually something brief, and I will write that down. Polona Somrak has used the word “Sourcing” for these types of exchanges and I like that. We can all “Source.” We can all receive messages and have discussions with other Beings in the Flow of Unity Consciousness. We do not need to give our power away to others to receive information about ourselves or what is happening.

In closing, I will add that I am being guided to share these messages with you and I hope you find them helpful and inspiring. My intent is to share information and to empower you. I want you to develop your own guidance and liberate yourself from all that is illusory, dualistic, and of the old paradigm.

~ Love, Rain

P.S. I will meet you in The Flow. Always.

♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥

I'm Free

November 23, 2014 ~ 7:11 pm


Now is the time to decide what you want and focus on making your dreams and goals a reality.

Let go of duality and dualistic thinking.

The door to the cage is open.


~ El Morya Kahn


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