Ascended Master Message for November 17, 2014

All You Need is LOVE

Lady Master Magda
~ Chohan of the 14th Ray of Higher Spiritual Truths and Bearer of the Magdalene Flame ~
has this message for you:

Card Theme: Love Overcomes All

Love is clear; it is pure, and it is a complete and perfect essence of innocence and joy. This is why I give my Flame to you now ~ to help transform all that you think, say and do with the purity and love that is the Divine essence of you. The Violet Flame will transmute and transform all negativity into positivity and when used hand-in-hand with the silvery-blue energy of my Magdalene Flame, will bathe all those energies it meets and challenges in the pure Light and Love of God. This is the means by which all may be returned to their original state prior to separation from Source and the God-head.

You too were once in this state of innocence, when as a spark of Light from the One Flame you exploded into existence ~ a pure, perfect and joyful emanation of the Divine Creator. And it is to this state that you seek to return, and hence the reasons behind your incarnations and many lifetimes and experiences of learning and growth. The lessons and learning are all a part of the journey that you are making in order to return to re-union with the Divine Creator as a pure, joyful and all-knowing, all-understanding and all-accepting Being of Light.

Love is the ultimate power. Light may banish darkness, but only love can overcome it. When the heart is at peace, the body feels peace. When the heart gives out love, the body knows that it is loved also. When the heart blooms and blossoms in the full Light and Love of God, so too you will find that the body is enveloped and surrounded by an infinite compassion and strength.

So use my gift of the Flame to help transform your life, spreading Innocence and Love to all and speeding your journey home.

Text Source: Inner Light-Workers

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