Archangel Message for November 9, 2014

Note: We first received this message in July, but it’s timeless and so relevant in this Now Moment ~ we must always Love Ourselves First. This is where the magic starts ~ within Yourself!

P.S. You may have noticed that I have been more quiet than usual lately. This is because I’ve been going through a lot ~ all of it good! Things are changing very quickly for me and I am in transition. Stay tuned for more on that as things start to settle down and I find my new place and way of Being.

P.P.S. I love you, now and always.

~ Rain

Love yourself and free yourself.

Card Theme: LOVE yourself FIRST

♥      ♥      ♥      ♥      ♥      ♥      ♥


I am Seraphina, the Lady Charity, twin flame of Chamuel.

We do not create love, it is simply a Divine quality of Infinite Mercy that flows out from the Godhead and bathes all in the Light of love, forgiveness and acceptance. Love is not “doing” but “allowing.” It cannot be forced or created, it can only be allowed to flow. And it can only flow freely and boundlessly from a clear and open heart, which neither judges nor condones but simply allows and accepts all as being perfect and right for that moment.

The ability to create a well-spring of love in the heart is reflected in ones ability to accept love ~ love which flows to you from God himself, passed down through your Christ~Self to your current incarnate body and also to you from others. Without accepting love for yourself ~ for which there first needs to be acceptance and understanding that you are worthy of being loved and that you are a lovable person ~ love cannot flow easily out from you to others. And all are worthy of being loved. All are lovable.

It is an inherent fact that you exist as a Divine spark, and that within your intrinsic make-up all is perfect and as it should be. There are no faults or failings; there simply IS you ~ a child of God. What impedes you from filling your heart and accepting that love are the feelings and emotions that make you see yourself as less than perfect ~ as failing in some way or as not being “good enough.” And yet you simply are as you are.

Life is a role ~ one that has been designed and constructed by you so you may understand what it is to be separate from Source. You have travelled so far from God that you have become mired down in the fundamentals of life, and are now caught up in all life’s intricacies ~ its sorrows, pleasures and joys ~ and in all its interactions with those other characters who appear on the stage you have set.

So I bring you now remembrance that this performance is being played in order that you may learn and grow and experience all that living apart from God entails, for only then can you truly understand and appreciate what being Divine really is. And being Divine is BEing Love, and that is your true birthright!

Source: Inner Light-Workers

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