On Finding Balance

Three keys to living a joyful life are to remain grounded centered and balanced.  Today, I will approach the topic of balance.

Life, many times, is a  balancing act among many facets; our daily tasks, our responsibilities, and trying to prioritize them in a way that lessens the chaos.  This is not the sort of balance I speak of.  The type of balance I wish to attain, and maintain is an inner balance.   The type of balance that remains even when the outer circumstances of our life seem to be spinning out of control.

Two important factors in attaining this sort of balance are to release fears, and harness our emotions.

Releasing fear is key for us to blossom into thriving joyful individuals.   Everyone has a fleeting fear every once and awhile, and some — much more often.  I believe that this is okay.  What is crucial, is recognizing when this feeling arises, surrendering your concerns to a higher power, and then moving beyond the fear.  Simply “let it go”.  This may seem overly simplified.  Especially to those who feel that their lives are dominated by fear.  I understand, for I have been in that position as well.  Surrendering your fears is very freeing and empowering. You must know that whatever the outcome, whether the thing you dread actually comes to pass or not — that you will survive it.  By living in fear you are draining all of the life out of the present moment.  NOW is all you have to live in.  So put a smile on your face, and embrace the now full of hope and happiness.

The second key, in my opinion, to attaining balance is to learn to harness our emotions.  Learn that you are more than your emotions.  They are certainly a component of your being, but they do not define it.  This has been challenging for me in many ways, because I have always been a highly emotional person.  However, it was a very worthy challenge.  It is perfectly fine to have emotions, they are integral to our experience.  Becoming addicted the the emotional roller coaster can throw you teetering back and forth from one extreme to another, thus very much unbalanced.  In my personal experience in dealing with emotions I have learned to feel whatever emotion it is that I am entertaining, then to ask myself — does this feel good?  If the emotion does not feel good, do not entertain it.  Let it pass through you, and do whatever you can to raise your mood, or vibration.  Personally listening to a song that I enjoy tends to help me.  If the emotion feels good, ask yourself– am I still grounded and centered? If so, wonderful!  Simply because you feel happy does not mean  you are balanced.  If you do not feel grounded and centered, spend some time with nature, or do a meditation.  Sometimes simply quieting your mind for a bit can help you from spinning to far in on way or another.

I hope this was helpful to you.  Sending you wishes of love, light, and balance.


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