Ascended Master Message For November 4, 2014 ~ Master John

~ expansion ~

The Master John
~ Awakener of the Christ within
and twin flame of Lady Nada ~
has these words for you:

I have been the forerunner ~ the way-shower for the Christed One.

This too is your role – to prepare your heart, mind, body and soul for the advent and birth of the Christ-self or Buddha-self within you. And with love and devotion so may this be done. I will help you to make ready a cleansed, calm, peaceful and loving space, just as if the most dear, important and beloved guest in the world is coming to stay with you! For indeed this is so, and the time now draws ever closer.

I call you to remember.

I awaken you with these words and with this touch upon your mind.

So work with me now and be ready to clear and open your heart to welcome home those aspects of your soul and Divine Self from whom you have been separated for so long in your descent into physical substance and the world of matter. And we will celebrate that return with joy together.

Text Source: Inner Light-Workers

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