~ Ascension Guidance Weekly Message ~ 27 October – 3 November

This week’s theme is creativity. With it comes being courageous enough to follow your passions and step into your Divine Purpose. Many people believe that they are not doing enough, that they are not on the path, or they’re lost. That is never the case.  You are never lost, no one ever is. Your Higher Self is always there guiding you, always with you. It is just that you aren’t very aware of it.
You are in the unknown. You do not know where you are headed. You don’t know the destination. You don’t know how everything will unfold. And you know what ? It’s perfectly fine. It’s okay to not know everything. It’s not healthy to try and figure everything out all the time.It’s exhausting, and it won’t work.If you would know everything, would you live with the same excitement everyday ? It is not about the destination, it’s about the journey. I’d recommend going within your Heartspace more, and be Present in the Now.You will realize you are not as lost or confused as you thought you were.  Ask the questions and the answers will come when the time is right. Observe, pay attention and have Faith.
The key is ALLOWING. Allow your path to unfold in front of your eyes. Set your intentions that the experiences you are creating are for your Highest Good. Allow your highest good to unfold. This might not be such an easy task, but it doesn’t have to be hard either. It takes a new level of Mastery, Divine Faith and Trust. Having Faith that you are on the “right path” and trusting the experiences you have created for yourself, and still create in every moment, are for your highest good.
Creativity comes in many forms, it depends on the person’s preference. Some enjoy writing, some enjoy painting, others dancing, and I have only stated the most common ones. It is still a good time for reflection and introspection,and since this week’s main theme is getting more in touch with our creative nature, I think it’s important to explore and discover our skills and talents. If it brings you joy, use it as often as you can. It’s food for the Soul. Your Passions and Soul Purpose are very inter-connected. 🙂 
Love, Eddie ~ The Bridge to Freedom Crew Member
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3 thoughts on “~ Ascension Guidance Weekly Message ~ 27 October – 3 November”

  1. Eddie – this is just what I needed today – reassurance in my confusing world at the moment, having met my twin flame who is proving a challenge. I always try to work things out and I shed tears when I read that its just OK to flow with the flow, no easy thing for a Taurean!

  2. Hi !!! Thank you so very much this is exactly what I needed to hear today , you really just spoke to my heart … Its just gets so scary sometimes , my life as well as a few or so chosen others have changed so drastically , our realities of life , our world a completely different world then what we have known in the past … and it will never be again . I feel blessed in so many different ways …I “see” things , the world for what it really is , who I really am and the God given abilities that I have become aware of , though I may not know how to quite use them I know I will , it will all come into play right … That is what you helped me with today , so thank you again … I was feeling a bit lost today and you just confirmed that I don’t need to know it all now and its ok … Thank you , thank you , thank you ,,,its been a rough day 🙂 Love -n-Light. Deana

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