A “MIXTAPE”/ PLAYLIST — for Self Empowerment

Hello all, here is a playlist we here at the Bridge to Freedom Crew came up with, these are songs/ and videos that help US feel powerful.  I will post the track list first ( and you can find them on youtube — they are all there)  then I will do my best to post links/ videos for you to enjoy.  Thanks so much, I love you!

1.  Rage Against the Machine, “Bulls on Parade”

2.  Iggy Azalea Ft Rita Ora, “Black Widow”

3.  Mission Impossible Theme

4. “Rainbow Warriors”

5. Leo Rojas, “Celeste”

6. Pentatonix, “Hold Us”

7. Bole — “Your Journey Your Calling”

8. K’naan, “Until the Lion Learns to Speak”

9. Hababam Sinifi (Film)

10. Whitney Houston, ” I Didn’t Know My Own Strength”

11. Karla Bonoff, “All My Life”


13. Meghan Trainor, ” All About that Bass”

14. Katy Perry, “Firework”

15. M.I.A. “Paperplanes”

16. Toots and Maytals, “5446”

17. Natasha Bedingfeild, “Unwritten”

We sincerely hope that these songs lift you up — and fill you with the AWARENESS, that YOU are powerful beyond measure…  I LOVE you… WE LOVE YOU!  From Amanda, Eddie Rain — and the rest of the Bridge to Freedom Crew!

Enjoy!  Listen, and DANCE!


Here’s a link to the last one, Natasha Bedingfield, “Unwritten”

Happy searching — We hope you find these songs Empowering — but even more so — We hope that you find your own mix of songs that empower YOU!

So, therefore, I decided I am not going to post all of the links to each video — Use the the list that we posted as prompts… find the things you like, Listen, Enjoy, and Subscribe — if you don’t like a song/ video… move on to the next one and give it a go… This is YOUR “Empowerment Playlist”  We are simply here to prompt you!



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