On Vibration and Frequency


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Everything is energy. Matter is energy ~ Einstein proved that all matter is a manifestation of energy. And energy is never completely still, it is always moving. Even things that appear to be solid, like walls, are actually moving or vibrating on an atomic and subatomic level although this movement cannot be seen by the human eye. Nothing is really still because the electrons around atoms are always moving, even at extremely low temperatures.

Many people refer to this phenomenon as The Law of Vibration, which states that everything is moving or vibrating at some speed or frequency. Things moving at a lower vibration move more slowly than things moving at a higher vibration. Vibrational frequency is usually measured using the Hertz (hz) unit ~ one vibrational cycle or one wave oscillation per second. For example, if something has a frequency of 528 hz, then it is vibrating at 528 cycles per second.

Since everything is moving or vibrating at some frequency, this means that you are, too ~ just like your friends, your pets, your plants, and the rock on your sidewalk. The rock is vibrating at a much lower frequency than you are, hence its apparent lack of motion.

It is by raising your vibration that you are able to move into higher states of existence because dimensions are defined by their range of frequency. Lower dimensional planes of existence operate at lower frequencies. If your frequency is not equal to or higher than the frequency range of a given dimension, you will not be able to maintain an existence there.

You’ve probably heard people talk about lower vibrational and higher vibrational emotions and states of Being, etc. Your vibration is largely dependent on how you feel but it is also influenced by other factors, as we will see. Anger is a lower vibrational state/emotion while Gratitude is a higher vibrational state. Love is the highest state of Being. Obviously, being in any of these or similar states will affect your vibration and frequency. That’s why it’s important to achieve balance and mastery of your Being and your energy if you want to reach and maintain a higher vibrational state and frequency and ascend to a higher state of existence. In other words, vibrating at a low frequency will keep you in 3D while vibrating at a high frequency will allow you to ascend into the higher dimensions.

You’ve probably already seen videos like the one below but it provides a good example of how our thoughts and feelings really do have an effect ~ on our own vibrational state of Being as well as on those around us.

There are many things we need to do to raise our vibration and frequency and maintain higher states of both. Obviously, most people do not move from a lower state of Being to a higher one and stay there overnight. For most of us it is a process ~ the process I usually refer to as our spiritual journey. At this time in Humanity’s history, we are all on an individual journey to evolve spiritually but we are all also here to participate in the same mission ~ to help Humanity move into 5D and also become Galactic Citizens. As we Wayshowers raise our vibration, we raise Humanity’s vibration. We are each able to affect millions of people this way.

This might be a good time to refer you to a recent post (you can also find this information in our FAQ): On Ascended Masters and Awakening. This description discusses some of the things that one must accomplish before ascending.

Ascended Master ~ An Ascended Master is a Being who has achieved what Humanity is striving for now – ascension to existing in a higher dimension from a lower dimension. All Ascended Masters mastered their lower bodies (emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual), fully integrated all of their aspects and their I AM presence, and achieved such a high level of consciousness that they transcended to the Fifth Dimension or another higher dimension from a lower dimension.

We will talk more about raising our vibration and frequency and maintaining higher states of both, but some of the things we need to do to accomplish what is described in the paragraph above are ~ transmuting and releasing all the lower vibrational energy we’ve accumulated/created from this life and past lives in the illusion; dissolving all of our blocks, walls, masks, and armor so that our Authentic Self is revealed; letting go of fear; embracing Unconditional Love; being open to all possibilities; breaking through all of our ceilings of limited thought, etc.

Please remember that you do not need to understand or tackle all of these things at once. In fact, that isn’t even possible. You will come to understand these things as you move forward. It will happen naturally ~ true understanding comes with doing and achieving. This information is not meant to overwhelm you, it’s just to introduce you to different things that you will be doing as you progress. For now, you might just want to focus on your vibrational state and how it feels. And, in the immortal words of Bobby McFerrin: Don’t worry, be happy.

For fun suggestions on how to raise your vibration, see this recent post: 111 Ways To Raise Your Vibration.

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This discussion will be added to our FAQ. Look for it and more here: FAQ ~ Primer ~ Resource Center


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