~ 111 Ways To Raise Your Vibration ~

holding hands 2

This is a co-creation by the Bridge to Freedom Crew,
prepared during our Fabulous Friday Portal Party on 10/10/14!

Please to enjoy and Raise Your Vibration.
P.S. We Love You!

~ 111 Ways To Raise Your Vibration ~


1. Listen to music.


2. Dance!

3. Write a poem or story.

4. Meditate.

5. Achieve orgasm.

6. Draw.

7. Take a walk in nature.

8. Paint.

The Freaks shall inherit the Earth

9.Take photos and share them.


10. Read a good book.

11. Engage in Creative Visualization.

Don't worry. Smile. Be happy.

12. Smile.

13. Sing.

Home is Where You Hang Your Heart

14. Connect with Earth/Gaia.

15. View art.

16. Go see a local band play.

Trees and Water

17. Go out in the sunshine.

18. Go out in the rain.

19. Just go outside!

20. Hug somebody.

21. Kiss somebody.

22. Compliment somebody.

23. Say,”Thank you!”

24. Say, “You’re welcome!”


25. Say, “I love you.”

26. Laugh!

27. Go on a quest.

New Earth Currency

28. Eat chocolate.

29. Hug a tree!

30. Drink coffee.

31. Watch your favorite TV show or movie.

32. Sungaze.

33. Take a bath with candles and salts.

34. Adopt/rescue a pet.

35. Talk to the animals.

36. Talk to your guides.

37. Bake a cake.

38. Chant mantras.

39. Listen to the sounds of nature.

40. Stop and smell the flowers.

41. Go to the beach.

42. Spend time with a child.

43. Listen to Solfeggio and other frequencies.

44. Donate money, goods, or time to charity.

45. Follow your passions!

46. Make a new friend.

47. Try something new ~ something outrageous!

48. Buy a stranger a cup of coffee.

49. Greet people you don’t know.

50. Plant a garden.

51. Take a nap.

52. Talk to your friends.

53. Count your blessings.

54. Make a vision board.

55. Do yoga or stretch.

56. Play a musical instrument.

57. Play sports.

58. Pray.

59.  Make a bucket list.

60. Make popcorn.

61. Go out to dinner.

62. Dress up for no reason.

63. Buy a gift for yourself.


64. Buy a gift for someone else.

65. Throw a party!

66. Make funny faces.


67. Fingerpaint.

68. Go horseback riding.

69. Crochet, knit, or make a quilt!

70. Make a craft for a friend.

71. Send somebody a greeting card.

72. Ride a roller coaster.

73. Ride a motorcycle.

74. Ride a bike.

75. Play on the swings.


76. Make sandcastles.

77. Go swimming.

78. Take a roadtrip.

79. Throw someone a surprise party.

Got Grass?

80. Pet your cat or dog.

81. Catch a buzz.

82. Take a shower.

83. Look at the stars.

84. Go camping.

85. Go hiking.

86. Go birdwatching.

87. Schedule a massage.

88. Change your hairstyle.

89. Make a pot of tea.

90. Make a mix tape of your fave songs.

91. Make hot chocolate.

92. Paint your toenails.

93. Light a candle.


94. Make a toast with a glass of champagne.

95. Throw an Un~Birthday party. Celebrate Christmas in July. Dye Easter Eggs in August!

96. Make a video.

97. Play miniature golf.

Play Pinball

98. Play pinball.

199. Make a scrapbook.

100. Put a message in a bottle and send it off in the water.

101. Make a time capsule.

102. Send flowers to somebody.

103. Watch cartoons.

104. Make Origami.

105. Make a sculpture with clay.

106. Release some Chinese lanterns.

107. Set off fireworks or play with sparklers.

108.  Write a haiku.

 109. Start a journal.

110. Play cards or board games.

111. Blow up balloons and let them go!



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