Archangel Message for October 12, 2014 ~ Lucida

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Card Theme: Find the Christ within


I am Lucida, the Lady Clarity, twin flame of Jophiel.

“Christ within us” is what I teach ~ it is an aspect and an element of who I am just as the lighting and empowering of the golden flame within your heart, the golden plume of Wisdom, is but one aspect of the flowering of the Christ-self within every person.

I speak now of the attributes of the earthly man that you describe as Jesus the Christ. He lived to demonstrate and show his fellow men how it was possible to live, function, work, and exist on the earth plane in a state of Christed-ness ~ as a Christed Being in perfect balance within the heart center, with the three flames of Power, Wisdom, and Love working together in perfect harmony.  His work, his actions, and his reputation as he learned and grew and adjusted to living an existence in the 3rd dimensional plane was centered on the unwavering attribute of unconditional love and compassion. But as a basis he required first of all to develop understanding and secondly to develop true wisdom from that understanding. Many of his tasks and his teachings could not have been performed if he had not seen Illuminated before him the Truth of each and every situation and if he had not then understood how he could apply his very unique talents and abilities to resolving or working with that situation using his love and compassion ~ his main gift to the planet.

But the role of the Christ, or Being a Christed One, was not for one man alone. It was never destined for that title to be solely that of the one you name Jesus. Instead it is a destiny for each and every one of you to become your own Christ ~ to become your own Christed Being. And to achieve that destiny you need to know and understand the Christ within. And that is how I wish to work with you now; as a strong, loving, and stable support ~ a framework within which you can learn and grow, and from which you may reach out to search for your answers, looking all around and within you for the knowledge you seek. And then I ask you to use your heart and the love and compassion that is within your heart to discern and determine how that knowledge and understanding can be used, not just for yourself but for others also, so that you too may finally have the Peace of the Christ within you.

Text Source: Inner Light-Workers

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