a person sets off on their quest to find
a way through the labyrinth of their mind

the only clue they have is the word ‘go’
yet nothing is the best thing they can know

a sun shines up above them in the sky
this is their heart which lights them from on high

through trial and error they will find the way
though how and when we really couldn’t say

the puzzle of ourselves still lies in wait
until we open up the hidden gate

the journey forms the object of the quest
the curse becomes the way the hero’s blessed

i think i could go on like this for days
lost in describing my view from the maze!

the best thing you can do is find your own
way out we only solve this thing alone…



i’m fucked if i know where i am oh shit!
i’m wandering lost inside the darkest pit

i can’t distinguish my arse from my head
since i let go of ariadne’s thread

no man has ever got out from this trap
and nor can it be found as google map!

and worse than being lost which is a bore
i’ve got to find and beat the minotaur!

it seems to me my chances are quite bleak
this hero business to me is all greek!



we fight dragons every day we are told
in stories of damsels and knights of old

for hidden treasures we will always seek
to climb ever higher and reach the peak

at any length we will solve the riddle
so that we are always in the middle

such fantastic dreams filled with things like these
an eye up on high all the story sees



always move forward whatever it takes
no matter how the path turns weaves and snakes

and with our eyes open for crossroads new
we’ll grow in ways we’ll remember we knew

i laugh i dance i sing and all the rest
for now i know that blessing i am blessed

we each are just a small part of the plan
that ends as one supposes it began

which is to say i’ve not a f**king clue!
i’m pretty sure the same is true for you!

in a sense everything makes sense i sense
when i choose to connect up whence with hence

or rather maybe i should better say
find the play in work and the work in play

we have to row this boat with verve to dream
coz merrily this life is just a stream



i’m writing poems so i can express
the parts of myself that i know much less
and make a clear design from all this mess!

at least i guess that is the reason why
i started out motivates me to try
although of course this could all be a lie!

it’s always a surprise when on the page
the words appear describing a new stage
in my life’s journey to escape it’s cage

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