Synchroniztic Events and Your Vibrations

At each and every moment of the day our vibrations are bouncing around at different levels creating our souls energetic signature out into the world playing our individual and collective notes creating a beautiful symphony that expands out into the universe. When we are in sync with the collective we create the most beautiful tones which manifest before our eyes and we in turn receive messages back in the form of words, music, movies, message found in nature via sighting of totem animals, etc.

As our Earth is a living being full of life, she creates her own music as well. She turns and rotates forming our seasons and shifts day into night. Each movement creates a vibration that hums and whirs. Each and every planet creates their own tones out into creation.

Our thoughts create physical motion that vibrates and creates tones and affects the world around us. If we are thinking positively it creates positive manifestations to appear in our lives. If we think negatively it sounds off that same negative tone that causes a chain reaction of negative manifestations to happen in our lives. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction as we are taught by physics. This too is how the Laws of Karma work.

If you are thinking, saying or doing something positive to help yourself or others, you will manifest that equal positivity to redirect this action back to you. The same thing goes if you are saying, thinking or doing something negative to hurt yourself or someone else, this equal negative manifestation will be redirected to you. Karma is instant now and we don’t have to wait through many lifetimes any longer for our actions or inactions to manifest in our lives. Be careful what you think. Thoughts are action.

All families have at least one Negative Nancy and with this person, nothing you can say or do seems to get their thoughts out of the dark. They seem to thrive on being miserable and unhappy all the time. We must each learn that when we come in contact with this type of person and all attempts to assist have failed, we must then lovingly cut the energetic chords that binds us to these people. All you have to do is just hold that loving thought in your mind to lovingly cut those chords with only the best of intentions, it is done. Some may have a hard time doing this if that Negative Nancy is a family member. As with all family members, we will love them regardless of what they do, but we don’t have to resonate or associate with them on a daily basis. If a family member is hurting you by something the say or do, if you don’t feel up to talk to them or visit them just don’t do it. It’s your free will to choose your own battles. I would choose them wisely. I’ve personally learned this lesson the hard way. If you choose to continue on with a person who drains you of your energy by trying to help them, you are lowering your vibrations to their level. I would then suggest that you do what it is that brings you peace and ground yourself to bring your vibrations back up.if you continue in contact with a negative person without grounding or shielding yourself from that beings lowered vibrations, it can and will manifest as a physical illness. All conscious empathy are aware of how this works. You may take on another persons pain or illness and will at first think that it is your own. When you remove yourself from the presence or influence of this person you will star feeling better and your vibrations will improve.

Raising our vibrations is strenuous energetic work. We can only help ourselves. If one is unwilling to help the self, there is nothing you can say or do to assist them.

May your Light Forever Shine Bright. Be at Peace! Teach Only Love.

Rhiannon Yellow Star

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